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Said made a clear analogy between orientalism and colonialism.They are both set with the same binary opposition.white/ non whiteoccidental/ non occidentalIn a very detailed and structured study of the orient (behavior, habit,tradition ...) we document a large amount of fact and data. All compile ina general study they produce the illusion of a well understood andobjectively constructed knowledge.These are, in fact, mere observations and purely subjective entities (seenonly with the western eyes) which do not explain nor reflect the true natureof the object.We then generalize from theses singles observations, set up categories andlabels. We are now able to answer questions very simply creating this illusionof knowledge.We witness the realization of cliches; single sided beliefsthat fuels themselves upon their own ignorance.SAID then explains how this technique empowers his creator. The rigorousdiscourse, the elaboration of thought and ideas, subjectively authenticateditself. The content is no longer address and leaves the victim of thediscourse reduced to plain and pure denial. The content has become a setof prejudicial belief (cliches).To remind you of the famous aphorism: 'the pen is mightier than the sword'He writes:'Orientalism is fundamentally a political doctrine willed over the orientbecause the orient was weaker than the west.'Though injustice has already been served and the political establishmentis capitalizing on those cliches, it is interesting to notice that SAIDhimself already looks at the orient with orientalism (western eye).Was the orient really weaker than the west?Could it be simply that the orient was just farther? May be notinterested? Had no curiosity towards the western world?Could it be that the orient was to busy and...

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The Gravity of Orientalism Essay

1364 words - 5 pages the West. These biases are presently influenced by popular culture. Said’s argument of Orientalism is that it does not merely represent a substantial “dimension” of recent “political intellectual culture, and has less to do with the orient than it does with “our” own.” (Said, 12) I believe Said placed “our” in quotations because he was making an attempt to form a significant purpose. The point he was trying to make was that Orientalism is what we

Edward Said - Orientalism Essay

2124 words - 8 pages associated with the Far East (China and Japan especially). For one thing, they do not regard the Middle East as the Orient (p. 42). 2. my project Unlike the Americans, the French and the British--less so the Germans, Russians, Spanish, Portuguese, Italians, and Swiss--have a long tradition of Orientalism, a way of coming to terms with the Orient that is based on the Orient's special place in European Western experience (P. 42). The

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1685 words - 7 pages She is petite, submissive, and great in bed, the greatest combination for the perfect woman. Yellow fever is the psychological inclination towards Asian woman that has been expressed by a portion of the male population. This stereotype is a part of orientalism that continues to be discussed amongst today’s society; it is deemed odd or labeled as a fetish. M. Butterfly a Tony Award playwright written by David Henry Hwang consists

What Does Said Mean By Orientalism? Discuss Any Aspect Of Said's Work Orientalism,That You Find Most Appealing, And Give Your Own Insights On The Issue.

1518 words - 6 pages facts about this topic, especially for the term Orientalism and Orient, but usually are seen to be based on assumptions and undefined thoughts that Said and Western people had. What I am trying to say is that Said definitely had a strong argument about this topic, but somehow, maybe because he had so many viewpoints about it, somewhere along the way lost its real meaning and made it more un-understandable and foggy for the others brain to get a

Orientalism in "Song of Roland". includes Edward Said's rhetoric.

1572 words - 6 pages Orientalism is a theory of knowledge rooting from the earliest contacts of European travelers with the people outside of Europe. To the many that have studied the foreign lands and their people, Orientalism has become a science. It is a discourse of knowledge of what the Orient is represented to be in the European mindset. Orientalism and its troubles are best explained by a contemporary Arabic Christian author Edward W. Said.Sometimes it's

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1502 words - 6 pages In this time period many authors have written books that are pieces of propaganda portraying the “Orient” the east to be Orientalist which heightens the risk of hate crimes aimed at people of the east. The author Khaled Hosseini who wrote this novel The Kite Runner tells the story of a man who wants to make up for all the wrongs he did throughout his life. This novel portrays Orientalism. Orientalism is a negative point of view that is to look

Critically evaluate how Said's "Orientalism" thesis and Huntington's "clash of civilization" thesis apply to Asian.

992 words - 4 pages The thesis of "Orientalim" was written by Edward W. Said in 1978 and the author defined the orientalism as a "European invention" and it is a western style for dominating, restructuring and have authority over the orient. It started since the beginning of nineteenth century until World War II and it adopted by France, Britain and American. Most westerner think the orient is seen as "separate, passive, eccentric, backwards" and it is with "a

Orientalism and 47 Ronin

1310 words - 6 pages and 47 Ronin, and these alterations applicable to the term Orientalism. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, the first evidence of usage the word Orientalism is in 1769 (Merriam Webster). In general Orientalism is an imitation or depiction of the eastern culture made by the western people. One simple example is Fortune cookies, it is made by the western people but it imitates the eccentricity of Asian desert. In addition, Orientalism also

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1059 words - 5 pages Introduction Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis is filled with a variety of cuisines, as it is called ‘Eat Street’. It is filled with a variety of migrants as well; a majority of whom are from Southeast Asia. Why are there so many migrants from Southeast Asia today? Why are there so many restaurants on Nicollet Avenue? To answer these questions, it is necessary to examine both the history of the migrants and the process of the formulation of

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516 words - 2 pages , Palestinians called it the nakbah, or "disaster"; Said comments, "Israel was established; Palestine was destroyed." General idea of Orientalism: Said's Orientalism was published in 1978. His work is often regarded as having established the field of postcolonial studies; his work has focused particularly on imperialism and the interplay between the dominant West and the Middle and Far East. Said discusses how Europeans and U.S literary and

Australian-Asian History

2254 words - 9 pages attempt by the superior western cultures to transform the inferior eastern culture. Orientalism also refers to a greater extent to a style or a manner of life or even a culture that is associated with the Asians. For example the building of small ‘Asiatowns’ within big towns in non-Asiatic countries could also refer to orientalism. Said (2003, p. 5) further claims that at the onset of European colonization, the Europeans divided the world into two

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What Is Orientalism? Essay

526 words - 2 pages What Is Orientalism? Said made a clear analogy between orientalism and colonialism. They are both set with the same binary opposition. white/ non white occidental/ non occidental In a very detailed and structured study of the orient (behavior, habit, tradition ...) we document a large amount of fact and data. All compile in a general study they produce the illusion of a well understood and objectively constructed knowledge

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991 words - 4 pages sees in the European notion of Orientalism. He identifies generalization as the root cause of differences and misunderstanding between Europe and the Orient. As Said sees it, Orientalism is both an academic model and a poetic one (Said 2, 3). Europe created Orientalism politically, socially, and militarily, thus every European traveler and poet who has written about the Orient is tainted by this construct. Travelers such as François-René

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1082 words - 4 pages westerns who were magnetized to Oriental expressions such as Love, Passion, Imagination, Fancy and Magic.A Passage to India (1924) by Edward Morgan Forster is full of references to what Edward Said calls the Orientalist discourse. Forster has borrowed the title of his novel from Whiteman's Poem Passage to India (1871). Unlike Whitman, Forster has a firsthand experience of the East as he visited India two times before writing his novel. So his

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894 words - 4 pages Said's ideas of Orientalism. In his book, Orientalism, Edward Said explains in detail exactly what he believes the word Orientalism means. He tries to prove his concepts through the words of statesmen, including Britain's Evelyn Baring Cromer. Cromer's words reflect the concepts introduced by Said. According to Said, one definition of Orientalism is that it is a "style of thought based upon an ontological and epistemological distinction made