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What's Phobia? Essay

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According to a survey done by the National Institute of Mental Health in the year of 2012 nearly over six million americans were or have recently been diagnosed with some sort of phobia. Sigmund Freud suggest that there are two common causes of fear. There is a biological fear and a more Trauma based fear.
What is a phobia? That is a very common question that people ask. The merriam webster definition of a phobia is an extremely strong dislike or fear of someone or something. There are at least five hundred and thirty documented phobias in the world. According to the American Psychological Association more than 10 million adults in the united states have some sort of phobia. There are two common suggestions that can cause fear. The biological fear and the trauma based fear.
The biological fear is defined by ethologists as a motivational state that can be brought forth by over stimulation, cognitive incongruity, and response. according to the research done by the California State University. For example of the over stimulation method is that animals and people can be taught to fear something or someone by the means of painful stimulation, stress, and avoidance. The cognitive perspective is when a person or an animal have an issue with coping with a traumatic event. An example of this would be a loss of a loved one. A response is when a person or animal have trouble handling a difficult situation. According to the National Institute of Mental Health these exaggerated fears can become so intense that they can evan interfere with your day to day activities.
Trauma a word that derives from greek origins. It means “wound”. Sigmund freud emphasizes that fantasies and dreams are triggered by some sort of trauma. Freud emphasizes that trauma plays a special part in our lives. Especially in our dreams. Freud believed that dreams are away for people to either dominate, do better, or repress a traumatic experience they have had. To dominate means to overcome. By do better freud means to redo. And by repress freud means to forget. In freud’s dealings with trauma is seen as excessive influx of excitations thanks to sigmund freud. Which is stated by the Cultural Studies and literature blog.
Sigmund Freud has been mentioned many times in this paper but has yet been introduced. Sigmund Freud was known as the father of psychoanalysis. He discovered the main themes of psychoanalysis and enforced gradually the practice of psychoanalysis which is stated by the sigmund freud- Essays and papers website. Like stated before sigmund freud is the father of psychoanalysis. Ever wonder what psychoanalysis is? Psychoanalysis is the method of understanding mental life: a psychological theory and therapeutic method developed by Sigmund Freud, based on the ideas that mental life functions on both conscious and unconscious levels and that childhood events have a powerful psychological influence throughout life, as defined by webster dictionary.
Freud introduced many...

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