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What Is Plagiarism And Its Consequences

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Plagiarism and its Consequences
When coming up with an academic writing it is important for the writer should understand that the reader assumes that all the information in the writing are the writer’s original ideas. However our knowledge in a given subject might be limited and often we have to find sources of more information. It is both ethical and legal for a writer to acknowledge all the sources of information and ideas he uses in his writing. There should always be a clear distinction of where the original writer’s ideas end and where those from other sources begin. Plagiarism is not an intentional act in all cases. In some it is purely unintentional. Those with responsibilities of ...view middle of the document...

Usually these are pre arranged circumstances and cannot be detected.
Plagiarism occurs in academic writing when a writer directly copies or paraphrases ideas from another source without acknowledging the original source. The Oxford Dictionary defines plagiarism as ‘The practice of taking some else’s ideas or work and passing them as your own.’ In the academic world plagiarism is considered an offence that is punishable. The consequences that plagiarism is deemed to attract include loss of credit in an academic course, discontinuation from the particular course and in worst case scenario suspension from an academic institution. Students and writers often find themselves in the plagiarism radius because of the pressure that comes from the constant need to appear exceptional and perform well. Students are often faced with handling a lot of class assignments at once and often find plagiarism a shortcut to write exceptional assignments. One obvious act that will automatically lead to plagiarism is when a student decides to take shortcuts when making citations. This includes writing down an author’s idea without bothering to properly acknowledging it. These are all forms of unintentional plagiarism.

Plagiarism may present itself in various forms in a piece of writing. Self plagiarizing in the simplest...

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