What Is Play Based Learning Philosophy And How Can It Be Used Effectively? Sports Studies

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What is Play Based Learning Philosophy and how can it be used effectively?
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Play based learning is a learning in which children who have natural desire to engage in experiences based on their interest, strengths and developing skills (Cole, 2009). Children are motivated to learn new things and develop positive characters towards learning when children initiate play. Play is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children and youth. Play also offers an ideal opportunity for parents to engage fully with their children. Parents can engage fully with their children as play offers an ideal opportunity for them (Ginsburg, 2007). Play based learning Philosophy has become an important topic in recent years as researchers believe that it is very important for kids to learn in natural environment where there are no fences or barriers. Researchers believe that play based learning lets children to develop important skills which children today learn in schools (MGSE, 2017). This purpose of this project is to find what is play based learning philosophy and how can it be used effectively. To extend the profundity and validation of the project, an interview with Khloe Mulligan was conducted. A wide range of secondary sources and a primary source were used throughout the written report.
Describe how play based learning works and how it is used?
Children love to play. They will play entire day if they are allowed. If children are coaxed to do some boring work then that is not play for them, for children play should not feel or look like work (Sara, 2016). Play based learning is a term that is used for children in educational and psychological way to make them understand the world around them (Kahn, 2017). Children learn better when they are being with other children or people, as they find it fun to explore and experience new things, they develop communication skills, they learn to solve physical and mental challenges (Walker, 2015). As children like games which test their physical abilities, play based learning works on the same formula of game (Kid Sense, 2017). An example of how play based learning works is In Denmark where children are left alone in the open environment like a forest with a supervised person to do whatever they want to do except harming each other, children can climb trees, can play in mud, children are also thought how to sharpen wooden with knife and they also learn about insects in wild (Dateline, 2016). Another example of how play based learning works is in New Zealand where a school has no rules in recess or lunch and children are allowed play with homemade wooden weapons, children can also invent their own toys (Isdale, 2014). The principal of the school (McLachlan, 2014)describes it as an “organised chaos”. Play based learning can be used to make children learn about Risk assessment where children are asked if they are felling scared while...

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