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To me poetry is language written in an artistic way to show feeling to the reader. Readers read poetry to read a poem that brings delight to them or entertain them. Poetry can be different to everybody because there are different types of poetry. Poetry is written to please the mind and to bring a happy feeling into their body. In a poem the words should be as pleasing to the ear as the meaning is to the mind. Everyone has their own way of thinking of poetry and that’s why people enjoy poetry because there are not certain rules to tell you what you have to write about. People also enjoy sharing an opinion using poetry to explain something to someone else rather than just telling them about it. In this essay I will tell about the history of poetry, why we need poetry, and why poetry is written.
Poetry is supposed to be as old as the modern man. Some of the oldest written works of literacy are written in poetry. Poetry Therapy, or poetry which is used for healing and personal growth, may be traced back to primitive man, who used religious rites in which witchdoctors chanted poetry for the well-being of the tribe or individual. The music of a shepherd boy named David was written in poetry and it soothed the "savage breast" of King Saul. It is not surprising that Apollo is the god of poetry, as well as medicine, since medicine and the arts were historically connected in a way. The oldest poem that we know about today that has survived over many years is the Epic of Gilgamesh. Greeks used poetry not only to celebrate their heroes but to instruct, to sing of love and to enrich their theatre through plays as did others. They also used poetry for religious practices. The sonnet has a strong history in Europe, in other places there are traditions just as strong like the Haiku in Japan, or the Ghazal in Iran and India.
There are many reasons why we need poetry. Poetry helps us know each other and lets us walk in someone else’s shoes. Poetry also builds community skills for people. Poetry can make a people fill more open to tell about painful experiences. Poetry has...

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