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What Is Political System? Essay

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The definition of the term “Political Systems” is considered one of the most complexed things, due to the difficulty of reaching a precise definition of the political system, which is because of the ambiguity and the remote of classification that is raised for this political term.
The phrase “political systems” is a language of two words, namely: (systems) and (politics). The system is to arrange things in a particular manner, to achieve a specific goal. And the order’s assumptions concentrates on the general theory of systems, including the following:

That the system is a set of interconnected parts.
That the parts of the system interacts with each other.
That every part of the system can ...view middle of the document...

However, the activity of authority has evolved in modern times, so that this objective aspect has become the key standard in the definition of the political system instead of being the traditional implication that was intended for the form of government, since it signifies the exercise of power in a certain political group.

Despite what’s provided, there are many definitions that have been submitted by Arab scholars, specialists and interested parties, to the political system, such as: D. Hassan Shafiq, who defined the Political system as “a sum of the circumstances and the political principles which imposes taking additional functional behavior in making binding decision concerning the entire society ”; and D. Mohamed Nasr described it as “the specific overlapping and interlocking patterns that manufactures the decision-making in the political community”; while D. Majid Al-helu, defined the term as: “governance systems, types and methods of different countries, that defines the system of government in each state according to it constitutional law”.

Political system can also be described as: a set of community elements that interacts with each other, according to a particular political and legal pattern, in a local, regional, and global environment, through the legislative, executive, and judicial institutions, to achieve development and security goals, in the close and long range.

Despite all these definitions, i believe that the most comprehensive definition of the system is the one which decides to contain the...

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