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What is real? Is the sky real? Is the image you reciprocate from your eyes to your brain that you see in front of you at all times real? Are you real? How can someone be so sure of reality? You cannot, and no two beings on this planet see things in the same light as the other. How we interpret the world is what creates the illusion of our reality. There are not many things we can be sure of besides our senses, our memory and our thought process

Where are your fingers? This question is easy enough that you should be able to answer it, but how do you know? How does anyone know anything? You may say you know where your fingers are while you look at them, touch them, or feel them. Your senses are a great way to learn things. In fact we have way more than the usual five senses we talk about such as sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. For instance your kinesthetics sense, proprioception. This is what the police evaluate during a field sobriety test, it allows you to tell yourself where your fingers, arms, head, legs and your body is all in relation to each other without having to look or touch other things. We have at least twice as many senses everyone thinks we have, such as, the initial 5 plus balance and acceleration, temperature, kinesthetic sense, pain, time, tactile illusions and then some. Turn your tongue upside down, and run your finger along the outer edge of the tip of your upside down tongue. Your tongue will be able to feel your finger, but in the wrong place. Our brains never needed to develop an understanding of upside down tongue touch, so when you touch the right side of your tongue when it's flipped over to your left side, you perceive a sensation on the opposite side where your tongue usually is but isn't when it's upside down. It is very humbling because it shows the limits of the accuracy of our senses, the only tools we have to get what's out there, in our minds.

Where is knowledge biologically in the brain? What are memories made out of? Research has shown that memories don't exist in one specific part of the brain or in a single location, instead what we call a memory is likely made up of many different complex relationships all over the brain, between lots of brain cells and neurons. Memories aren't just stored in one relationship they're stored all over the brain, from the frontal lobe all the way to the occipital lobe. The events leading up to for...

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