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What Is Really Behind Advertisement Essay

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Many people are in the debate whether companies use persuasion or manipulation in their advertisements to get people to buy a certain product. In the Innocent ones advertisement the “Stop the Abuse” organization shows a picture of a sad, abused little boy. The advertisement only shows half of his face, but the color in his face has been lightened so it has a gray tint. To the right, where the other half of his face should be, there is a stop sign. The stop sign is bright red, and below the stop sign are big bolded words that read, “I am Not a punching bag.” The word “not” is underlined to bring the significance of the advertisement to end child abuse. The advertisement is placed a a pitch black background to the picture stand out more. The rest of the advertisement asks for a small monthly donation to help aid the children who suffer from child abuse. The “Innocent Ones” advertisement is using persuasion to influence people because whether they want to donate to the organization using the advertisement or not is a personal choice, and the advertisers are using weasel words and emotional pictures to influence a person to donate to the organization.
Manipulation and persuasion are very similar in the goals that each attempt to accomplish with some minor differences. One of the differences being that persuasion is to be convinced based on the evidence that was presented. Manipulation is a skillful way to influence someone in an unfair way though. The debate is whether the advertisement that the Innocent Ones Company, sponsored by the Stop the Abuse organization, made was persuasive or manipulative. It was persuasive because even though some people may argue that the picture the company used was an unfair picture to use, but when it comes to advertisement almost anything is fair to use as long as the advertisement is true. Also, the picture is fair to use because even though it is sad to look at the picture won’t have that effect on everyone. Some people could look at the picture and have no emotion towards it. Some people can look at the picture and realize that it is just a part of the advertisement scheme and not think twice about it. And then there are some people who look at it and their heart will break and they will donate immediately. The picture can only be counted as unfair if it invoked the same emotion in everyone no matter who viewed it.
Another reason the advertisement is not manipulative is because even though the way the advertisement was structured was skillful, it was more on the creative side. The creativity is shown by the content of the advertisement. With the use of a stop sign to replace half of a child’s face, big bolded words, color scheme, and half of a child’s face the company used creativity in designing the advertisement. The only skill that was used was the structure of the advertisement. With the child’s face to the left, the stop sign to the right, and the bolded words underneath the stop sign it made the...

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