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What Is Really In Our Foods?

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Have you ever wondered why everywhere you go; there are obese individuals, that in turn all we have to help this struggle is dieting plans such as nutria system, jenny Craig, and Weight Watchers? As you can tell people nowadays are lazy, they don’t want to work to feel better; they want to eat a magical food without looking twice into it, though it is scientifically proven that a balanced meal and exercise daily gets these extra pounds off. So I therefore ask the question “What’s really in our food,” because not only are unnatural foods in every shape and form, they are unhealthy, but also are a hazard for our bodies.
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To start us off with the most deceiving label cover-ups we have acrylamides. This lovely name is actually carbohydrates, when exposed to high heat it causes cancer. Aspartame is another weird sounding name, it makes preservatives sweeter, and it may cause blurred vision and seizures. If you see diacetyl on the ingredients list, stay away from it; it is a substance found to promote Alzheimer’s, and lung disease. Watch out for GMO, eating this may cause your body to release an insecticide to clear all of the bacteria found in all of these conventionally grown grains, also may cause infertility problems. Phosphoric acid, you have probably seen this before, it is in sodas, and is discovered to clean the rust off of battleships, so let's imagine what it could do to our gut. Propylene glycol is used to make pretty colors in our food; however, it is the same ingredient you use in your car to get it ready for the winter. A cancer causing poison that is the red coloring in processed meats is sodium nitrate. Finally yet importantly, textured vegetable protein; made out of the same stuff in explosives and is used to genetically modify soybeans.
Now it's time to take a look at everyday food, and relate them to our regular household items, for example, the ingredients of different store bought ice creams, brought up a trace of piperonal, and ethyl acetate, which are the same ingredients that is in lice killer, nail polish, and cigarettes. Orange juice, you may think it is healthy, but why do we can we get it year round from the US? During the orange season, factories drain the oranges from their juice, put the juice in large vats that relieve it of oxygen. When it is time to be shipped, maybe a year later, they add a whole bunch of chemicals, those found in some perfumes. Therefore, that is why it always tastes the same depending on brand. Meat, no not real meat, the meat that is processed, doused with ammonia, and is made from the cheapest part of an animal, the ‘meat’ that makes up 70% of Americas meat. The process of a factory chicken is killing it, cook it, and eat it; but we have concerns of salmonella now a days. A chicken is pumped with antidepressants, dunked in chlorine, which rids it of some traces of salmonella, but not all, and sold. You love Twinkies, Ding-Dongs, Ho Hos, and Tasty Cakes, right. The cream from these delicious desserts are made from lard, and beef fat, it doesn’t sound like cream does it? Our wonderful gum is made from sheep oil, I wonder if vegetarians know. Cheese was so processed in the 90’s that the FDA told companies that they could not call it cheese anymore, so it is called cheese food. Consequently, processed cheese is made from chemicals, dyes, sawdust, and is pumped from a calf's stomach, that is what you get when cheese is perfectly square. A good medicine to use on acne is benzyl peroxide; do you want it in your white bread? Sorry to say, but in sports drinks; I face the fact every day that it is made from the same...

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