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What Is Research? Essay

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1. What is a good definition of Research?: A Research is a thorough, scholarly or scientific investigation that is performed extensively in a systematic way in order to accurately gather, analyze and establish information which may lead to new conclusions on a subject.
2. What are some of the qualities of good research?: A good research should have the under listed qualities among others:
• Intelligent
• Well informed and accurate
• Thorough
• Systematic
• Verifiable
• Scientific
• Sequential
• Covers all relevant points in the most logical and reader-friendly order possible.
3. Briefly explain each of the major components of a typical research document;
TITLE: Research title introduces the focus of the study and normally contains enough relevant “key words” which captures the reader’s attention. Titles can generally be categorized into three groups listed below:
• Nominal
• Compound
• Full sentence
The vast majority of titles are the nominal type which captures the main theme of the research. It is self-explanatory and gives the reader a clear understanding of the purpose of the research.
BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The background information forms part of the introduction which sets down the direction, exact expected achievement and also provides the reader with the insight needed to understand the problem or issue being researched. It also provides the context for the research and a general presentation of the research problem.
PROBLEM STATEMENT: The problem statement is a concise description of the problem the research intends to address. It defines and presents the issue for the research in order to frame specific questions. It also provides the context for why the research is necessary and potentially valuable to the discipline. The problem statement is directly related to the goals as well as the associated research questions and/or hypotheses.
RESEARCH OBJECTIVES: The research objectives summarize what the study hopes to achieve. Objectives should be stated using action verbs that are specific enough to be measured as well as closely related to the problem statement. Research objectives help in the following ways:
• Define the focus of the study
• Establish the boundaries of the study
• Set out the various steps that will be involved
• Clearly identify the variables that will be measured
• Avoid the collection of any data that is strictly unnecessary.
Research objectives can be either general or specific. The general objective usually states the expected outcome in general terms. The specific objective breaks down the general objective into smaller, logically connected parts which address in a systematic manner the various aspects of the problem. Research specific objectives should specify exactly what needs to be done in each phase, how, where, when and the purpose.
LITERATURE REVIEW: Literature review is the critical and in-depth evaluation of a particular area of previous research. In other words, it is a summary and synopsis of published...

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