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1. WHAT IS SCIENCE?When the word 'Science' is mentioned different thoughts come to mind, scientists wearing white lab coats, experiments, science projects, microscopes, the space, some complicated formula's, chemicals, launching of space shuttle, beakers with different colored liquids, study of the parts of the body... All of these reflect some aspect of science, but none of them provides a full picture because science is very broad.The definition of Science that most of us know is that Science is a 'systematic process' wherein it builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions, systematic in a way that it involves the definition of a problem, the searching of alternative solutions in general through models, and the selection of the best alternative that will eventually decide the course of action. The systematic process in decision making in management or scientific approach involves, finding the definition of a problem for analysis, observation, declaration of hypotheses, design of experiments where measurement is involved and then testing of the hypothesis.Now is Science as simple as the definition? The answer is NO.In the Philosophy of Social Science, everything is questioned, therefore truth is subjective in the sense that different things are true to different people or vice versa, science is the same it is subjective, it is contentious, it can be constructed, philosophers have different views on what science really is and how it should be.According to Karl Popper, Science is science if it can be falsified, science is science if it can be tested or if it is observable.Thus if it is not observable then is it not science?It goes to the debate of Science and Religion. Since religion cannot be tested, and since religion is by faith thus faith or belief cannot be tested so the belief that there is a God a being above all else does not exist in science.I agree that religion cannot be tested since it is by faith, however the origin of faith is from the bible, the bible can be tested with the technological innovation today those studying the bible are starting to find proof that these things said in the bible are indeed true, how is that not falsifiable when there is empirical data to be tested?There is another question though if based on scientific research with all the technical innovation and the advancement of science still one could not find the answer as to how did humans evolve? Did it just happen? Or was there supernatural intervention? Is religion just opium for comfort of the unknown?Science is embedded in power play, it has...

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