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What is Stop and Frisk? The New York City stop-question-and-frisk program is a practice of the New York City Police Department by which police officers stop and question tens of thousands of pedestrians annually, and frisk them for weapons and other contraband (New York City Stop-question-frisk program). This program is said to keep weapons of the street but we are sure if their statements are accurate. Though the New York Police Department says this program helps keep weapons of the street, stop and frisk is unconstitutional because it does not help reduce crime and violets people of their rights.
The main reason I do not agree with this program is because their raciest among African Americans and the Latino races. Most stops that have to do with stop and frisk ninety percent of those stop are African Americans and Latinos. On June 17, 2012, several thousand people marched silently down to Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue from lower Harlem to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Upper East Side townhouse in protest of the stop-question-and-frisk policy (New York City Stop-question-frisk program). They wanted the mayor to band the policy but he protested that it reduces crime and saves lives. People who took video of a stop and frisk were targeted as activist by the New York Police Department. This shows that what the New York Police Department does is unconstitutional and is a violation of people’s fourth amendment rights.
The New York City Council overturned Mayor Michaels Bloomberg’s veto that seeks to end discrimination by race that helps a lot of communities to fill safer. The Community Safe Act includes two pieces. First, the End Discriminatory Profiling Act, passed by a vote 34-15, this act establishes an enforceable ban on profiling and discrimination by the New York Police Department. The second act that was passed was The New York Police Department Oversight Act, passed by a margin 39-10, puts department oversight responsibility on the Commissioner of the Department of Investigation. These shows how the New York Police Department has been discriminating against people of race and color and, shows the New York Police Department is not following the law and make themselves look corrupt.
On August 12, 2002 Judge Schira Scheindlin ruled that the stop, question and frisk program is unlawful. She agreed with The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) that the program has clearly and wrongfully targeted racial minorities. This explains on how from 2002-2013 the New York Police Department has ignored the law and has gone its own to make its own rules ignoring the real laws. Scheindlin said in one of her articles “The city officials’ have turned a blind eye to the evidence that officers are conducting stops I n a racially discriminatory manner,” Scheindlin wrote in her opinion. “In their zeal to defend a policy that they believe to be effective, they have willfully ignored overwhelming proof that the policy of targeting the right of people is racially...

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