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What Is Success, And How Can You Succeed.

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Jessica BorstSpeech-5th hourMotivational SpeechSuccessSuccess is the key element in life. Without success and small achievements, you would go in circles the rest of your time here on earth. You ask yourself, how can I succeed? With hard work, dedication, and a little luck. Those are three aspects I will be addressing in my speech.Success is not handed to you on a golden platter. A lot of hard work must be done before you can succeed, but you can do it. For example, one of you friends in high school may not study, do homework, or even try, and their grades show it. On the other, your friend that works hard, studies and gets good grades will probably have a higher grade point average. After high school, both friends may onto college and into the same field of work. Who do you think will get the job, succeed, and have a promising future. Probably the hard worker, while your other friend, the slacker, will be flipping burgers at McDonald's wishing he would of worked harder to get what he wanted. Each and everyone of us can succeed. We just need to work hard to get what we want. The only place you'll find success before work, is in the dictionary.Without question, dedication is the easiest way to succeed. If you are not dedicated to succeed are you going to try your hardest? Are you going to 'be all you can be'? Dedication is need in everything you do. You need to be dedicated to work, try, even to get up in the morning. Do you think you 'slacker' friend was dedicated? Do you think he was stuck on...

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