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What Is The Catholic View On Genetic Engineering?

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Prior to in depth investigation it was assumed that Catholicism was ‘old fashion’ and against scientific technologies, leading to the hypothesis of Catholicism being against Genetic Modification. The hypothesis was produced on the fact that Catholic deliberations find their origins in Natural Law and Kantian Ethics. (NATURAL LAW - Catholic Culture: Online; 29/05/14) The hypothesis additionally assumed that Islam ethics welcome scientific advancements for the benefit of the human race.

Genetic Modification was brought to further understanding through the comprehension between Gene Therapy and Gene Enhancement. Determining the goals of assisting genetically disadvantaged individuals of the ...view middle of the document...

One of the highest held beliefs in Islamic ethics was presented to be the significance of human life. After primary and secondary research has been conducted, it can be deducted that Gene Therapy is permitted in Islamic Ethics, this is shown in the common theme prevalent in Islamic ethics which is “The ends justify the means.” or “The probable benefit outweighs the possible harm.” This claim is supported by a diverse range of secondary sources analysed by the author. A divergent viewpoint partially agrees with this claim. The opinion of the Islamic interviewee Johann Silva poses that genetic flaws may be destined in our world. Whilst understanding the significance of human well being, the interviewee believes individuals with bearable genetic flaws are a sign of how gifted individuals with full wellbeing are. The interviewee’s perspective illustrates traces of Situational Ethics, Ethic of Jesus, Common Good, Social Conscious and interconnectedness.

After the author has conducted diverse, decisive research from both primary and secondary sources, analysed and applied these results to the hypothesis, it can be concluded that both Catholicism and Islam share partially equal views on the topic of Genetic Modification. The two religions share the same opinion on Gene Enhancement being immoral and unethical, however their views differ moderately when Gene Therapy is considered. Catholicism is typically based in origins of Natural Law and Kantian Ethics, but also shows signs of Situational Ethics and the Ethic of Jesus in the field of Gene Therapy. The Catholic opinion diverges between Gene Therapy being a permissible technology and being immoral. Islamic Ethics supports Gene Therapy on the basis the process follows moral guidelines, however a divergent viewpoint explains that our world is destined to have individuals which possess genetic flaws which pose no risk of death. These individuals are symbolically a reminder to all human beings to show gratitude for their well being and life. In conclusion, the wide range of research and analysis conducted, along with application of ethical frameworks and concepts, proved the hypothesis, “The rigid archaic, uncompromising position of the Catholic Church pertaining to the ethics of human genetic modification differs greatly to the progressive Islamic position.” to possess partial correct and incorrectness in its claim.

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