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What Is The Cause Of Eating Disorders?

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In our society, there is a push to be thin, but what causes people to actually develop an eating disorder? There are many underlying causes to an eating disorder including stress, family, relationships, media, and mental or medical problems. Though media plays a part, it is very minor in the development than the other causes.
Stress plays a big factor in the contraction of an eating disorder. Whether it be school, relationships, or family, stress is in everyone’s lives. Stress can cause chemical imbalances in people and have affected most people’s eating habits at one time of another. A person at risk for anorexia may stop eating for a day or two; the person may then decide to continue not ...view middle of the document...

Binging and purging is a way to punish themselves. (Graves, 21) If they are not purging to blame themselves and just to relive the family stress, it is so their parents don’t notice that they aren’t eating. It is a secret they have that is the control in their lives.
Relationships are natural part of life, but not all are healthy relationships. There are many cases where a girl enters a relationship where the significant other compares them to skinny models, cheerleaders, or even their friends. The victim starts to have a low self-esteem and strives to be better so they can please their partner. Twenty-eight year old, Jane, decided to lose weight when her boyfriend compared her to skinnier girls... it started from there... you get to the point where you just get so hungry, then you get over that hump. (Graves, 29) So many girls develop the disorder because of a boy who doesn’t love them for them. Even after they break up, they may still strive to be perfect and become addicted to anorexia. No matter who it is, if someone calls another fat they will try to please them by dieting, or in Jane’s case not eating at all.
Though it is not a very popular point, medical and chemical problems are a big cause. Low levels in certain necessary chemicals could lead to anorexia. Low serotonin levels may play a role in causing anorexia. It controls a person’s mood and appetite... as a result, losing weight may improve their mood and behavior. (Graves, 21) When someone feels calm they repeat the action that makes them calm. For some it is a special place or simple meditation, but for people with eating disorders, it is to vomit or not eat. Some doctors believe diseases in the GI (gastrointestinal) tract can be a leading part in the development of eating disorders. They believe if they cure the disease, the disorder will fade away. Dr. Smedley took an interest in the field when one of his family members was diagnosed with an eating disorder. He found that she had a diseased gallbladder, which aids in digestion, so he removed it and her disorder was relieved. He has worked over 100 cases in which the disorder was linked to...

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