What Is The Cost? Essay

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What is the Cost?
Everyone dreams to achieve something in life. Many people strive to be a better parent, better athlete, or just a better person all around. How do they achieve this though? Do they work harder, spend more time with one another, or strive for more money and nicer items? Some say this could be the American Dream, have a good job, family, and money to buy whatever they may wish, but what is the real cost of the American Dream? Most people end up with debt till death, never being there for the ones that love them, or working to impress the people who do not really matter. Today the American Dream is still alive and will be around for as long as people dream and strive towards ...view middle of the document...

Why work their whole life away to die alone?
Many today are still like Gatsby, they work all throughout their lives to achieve what they believe is their dream. If most people are asked what the American dream is they will most likely say it’s about being successful. At Saint Martin’s University there is a class dedicated to just the American Dream. At the start of this course most of the people in the course defined the American Dream as something about “to "getting ahead" in America” or about achieving more money with a better job. Why do people go to college? Some people do enjoy learning but mainly they go to achieve a better job, to make more money, to be able to provide more for their families or themselves. These college students find themselves dreaming about having a better car, a bigger house, more money, and a happy family, but are they really happy? There is always going to be something better out there for them to try and achieve. (Hauhurt)
As America keeps growing so does the dream for happiness. At one point in time it was just the dream to get from one day to the next, now it has become so much more. It is not just getting to the next day but get the next best thing. In March 2013 the data showed that 67 percent of adults today are more likely to be better off than their parents were. Although America and the dream is growing 44 percent of adults are still in the same quintile. Though these people are still in the same area they are growing and moving towards a brighter future. Some still struggle to meet their needs but is it really that they are struggling to survive or just struggling to meet their dream? To achieve the American Dream a person has to work for it though. Even those who are born into wealth have to go to college and continue on a family business or strive in a direction that their parents had started for them. Only 7 percent of the people in the bottom quintile go to college and get degrees, while almost 60 percent of those in the top quintile that go to college go on to better things than their parents. It has been shown that it is hard to get out of one level and to a next it is not impossible. A person cannot achieve and strive for something without hard work. (Bengali)
Part of the American Dream is debt. A person takes out loans for college, a new home, car, and endless amount of things. What is the cost of pulling out all the loans though? The person gets their items and then they have to pay back the borrowed money with interest. (Best) The more and more people today borrow the more and more they are in debt not only the companies they borrow from but to America. These people are not only try to get items to help them get around or live in but to get to that American Dream. Less people would strive to live in a studio apartment in a small town than they do to live in a large apartment or home in the city. Going back to “The Great Gatsby” Gatsby worked and achieved the large home, the fancy cars, and...

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