What Is The Cost Of Prohibiting An Individual From Pursuing Their Own Good Life?

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Every individual has the right to their own good life, how they go about find and/or making it is up to them. However, there are certain individuals who feel the need to dictate the path that others choose to take. Like all actions, there are equal and opposite reactions, in this case, a consequence. As seen in Sophocles’ Antigone and Harold Brighthouse’s Hobson’s Choice, the consequence that Kreon and Henry face for prohibiting individuals’ pursuit of the good life is isolation from loved ones.
Sophocles’ character Kreon faces the ultimate price of isolation for interfering in the pursuit of Antigone’s good life as depicted in the play Antigone. Antigone’s view of building the good life ...view middle of the document...

Harold Brighthouse, in his play Hobson’s Choice, illustrates the price of isolation that Henry pays for attempting to govern the path his daughters took to their good lives. Henry has three daughters, all of which he tries to control, in his attempt to control them he also prohibits them from pursuing the good life. Maggie, Henry’s eldest daughter wanted to get married however, he says “you’re pasting the marrying age”.” You’re a proper old maid, Maggie, if there ever was one” (Brighthouse, Act I). In an attempt to keep his own good life by keeping his daughter to work for him, Henry actually begins the process of pushing her away. After hearing that she is too old to marry, Maggie pursues her father’s best shoe maker, after she runs away with Will, Henry is left without his best shoemaker and the daughter who kept his shop going. In his selfishness to preserve his own good life, he attempted to stop Maggie from living hers. However, his actions did not go unpunished, he lost the physical business as well as a daughter. Shortly after Maggie left (act I). Shortly after leaving, Maggie returns back to the shop to invite her sisters to her wedding, this is where she aids them in pursuing their own good lives just like she did. Additionally, Henry later had to pay the price of five hundred pounds to his daughter who got it in a plan she came up with, taking advantage of the fact her father was drunk and fell into a cellar (act III). Not only did he have to pay this monetary price, but his dignity was given up too when he was forced to accept help from Will, a man who worked for him and was previously below him in status. Finally in the end, Henry ends up alone and sick...

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