What Is The Difference Between Love And Lust English Little Elm Essay

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What is in the original US Constitution?
What you should know:
(HR = House of Representatives, S = Senate)
Article 1
How long do HR members serve?
Minimum age for HR?
Minimum time of citizenship for HR?
What is HR “apportionment”?
Who can call for HR replacements?
Who must lead the HR?
What is an HR “impeachment”?
How long do S members serve?
What is S “staggered terms”?
Minimum age for S?
Minimum time of citizenship for S?
Who is “President of the Senate”?
Who sits in for “Pres. of S.” if absent?
What does S do if someone is “impeached”?
What does it take to convict?
What is the punishment?
How often must Congress meet?
What is a “quorum” of Congress?
How can Congress expel a member?
What must Congress publish?
Who establishes Congress’ pay?
What are members immune from?
What are members forbidden from also doing?
Who must originate tax legislation?
How long can a Pres. ignore legislation?
What does it take to override a veto?
What is a “pocket” veto?
What are “Rules of Naturalization”?
How can Congress help artists/inventors?
What does Congress do for federal courts?
What does Congress do for the military?
“Necessary and Proper” also known as?
What are “Habeas Corpus” rights?
What are “Bill of Attainder” rights?
What are “Ex Post Facto” rights?
States cannot tax what?
Can states engage in war?
Article 2
How long is a term for a president?
Who selects a president?
Who can’t be an Elector?...

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