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What Is The Difference Between Diegetic And Non Diegetic Sound? Discuss With Reference To At Least Three Recent Films.

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What is the difference between diegetic and non-diegetic sound? Can they ever be confused? Discuss with reference to at least three recent films.For this essay I shall be highlighting the differences between the two terms; diegetic and non-diegetic sound. I shall also discuss whether or not the terms and their meanings could ever be confused. To help highlight my arguments within this essay I shall reference to films such as "The Italian Job", "Romeo and Juliet" and "Entrapment". The final section will hopefully round off the essay with a critical conclusion of the given question and the evidence presented within the essay.Yet sound is perhaps the hardest of all techniques to study... Our primary information aboutthe layout of our surroundings comes from sight, and so in ordinary life sound is often simply a background for our visual attention.(Bordwell.D. & Thompson.K., 1947, Film art : An introduction, Fifth Edition, New York; London : McGraw-Hill.)Sound which can be implied or linked by a character or an action taking place within the context of a scene is often referred to as a diegetic sound. This can include music that is being performed within the 'film's world', such an example could be taken from the film Titanic. The particular scene I am referring to, is when the ship has just started to sink and the band decide to continue playing.ON WALLACE HARTLEY raising his violin to play.HARTLEYNumber 26. Ready and --The band has reassembled just outside the First Class Entrance, port side, near where Lightoller is calling for the boats to be loaded. They strike up a waltz, lively and elegant. The music wafts all over the ship.(Anon, Titanic Script, prime example of music being used within a scene of a film as a diegetic source, would be in "The Crow". Here we see a mysterious figure playing an electric guitar in a way that has quite a phallic relation to his character.She pauses as she hears a lilting, faraway GUITAR STRAIN.Across the street she can make out the figure of Eric on hisroof playing the guitar.(Anon, The Crow Script, form of audio use in films which falls under the diegetic category, would be when a character within the scene is talking, singing, shouting etc. My first example to highlight this is taken from Baz Luhrman's adaptation of "Romeo and Juliet". The scene in question is when the Montague's and Capulet's meet for the first time.ABRADo you bite your thumb at us, sir!Sampson's shaking hand hovers - ready to draw.SAMPSONI do bite my thumb, sir.(Baz Lurhmann's "Romeo and Juliet")Another example, can be taken from the film "To Die For". However, with this example the character is talking directly to the audience.SUZANNE STONE MARETTOYou aren't really anybody in America if you're not on TV.(iMDB, Memorable quotes from To Die For, final criterion that helps define diegetic sound...

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