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What Is The Exact Meaning Of The Term Internet?

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Over the past decades, people used the traditional forms of communication to pass message to one another. They could send smoke signals, drum beats as well as verbal communication. As technology advanced, radio and television were discovered. Another boom in the technology development as far as communication is concerned is when a communication satellite was initiated in the 1960s. Nowadays radio, newspaper, TV and the internet are the main media used with internet being the most popular due to the use of social media.
What is the exact meaning of the term internet? Internet has been defined differently by different people. The common definition is that, it is a worldwide group of ...view middle of the document...

What one needs is just an internet connection. In addition, applications like Twitter and Facebook facilitate direct meeting with persons and groups who have the influence to achieve change. In spite of these advantages, it has been slow to tie together the complete potential of social media the reason on this being lack of knowledge for many and also fear about social media tools due to the concerns involving privacy and crimes.
Social media has transformed the Internet from a largely fixed space concerned with the communication or transmission of information to one where users can create their personal content like updating a status on Facebook and uploading a movie on YouTube. In summary, social media is a collection of Internet-based platforms that permit the creation and exchange of user-generated content. It is a large group that includes Social networks like Facebook, MySpace, Skype and Twitter ascertain social ties online. Facebook also gives users a chance to share their geographical location mostly with a view to meeting up in person and Content-sharing sites like YouTube and Flicker let users to share, rate and discuss skilled and entertaining materials.
Social media reach the most people compared to news media, and many people check their Facebook account in one day than the cumulative weekly readership of every national newspaper. This is in relation to research done in UK. People trust personal comments (like those found on social networking sites) 38 per cent more than advertising (Manifest Communications, 2012). Facebook is the most popular social network site across the world followed by Twitter (Edelman Digital, 2011). Similar to Facebook, twitter has turned out to be an accepted means for socializing and content distribution, and is used by people from different demographic and professional environments.
Even with these growth and success, there are difficulties which users face while interacting with social media. Access to technology and the level of education or lack of skills are the major barriers. Given the chances shaped by social...

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