What Is The Structure Of A Business Organisation?

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International Racecourse Management (I.R.M) Ltd was founded in 1990 by the current Chief Executive, John Sanderson. I.R.M´s core business is the management of horse racecourses. At present the company holds contracts to manage three racecourses in England, Catterick Bridge, Doncaster and Redcar, as well as holding consultancy agreements with racecourses in Vietnam and the Czech Republic. In addition to this I.R.M are regularly approached by other leading racecourses enquiring as to whether they could employ their services. Each racecourse is given the same high standard of administration. There is a full time manager based at the course on a daily basis, but in addition to this Doncaster also employs a Sales and Marketing Director and two assistants because of its size and the effort it takes to run a group one racecourse. As well as managing U.K racecourses, I.R.M also undertakes consultancy contracts at racecourses across the world. Instead of being the full time managers I.R.M visit each course two or three times a year to asses each courses management. The final aspect of I.R.M´s business is the sale of television rights around the globe. They act on belief of either the buyer or the seller of televised horseracing around the globe. On the domestic front I.R.M act as agent for all U.K racecourses who have their racing televised by Channel Four Racing and negotiate new and improved contracts as a regular basis.The Mission StatementAs is normal for most companies I.R.M has a mission statement that is a declaration of their fundamental purpose. The statement answers questions like why do we exist?, what do we wish to do?, how do we see ourselves?, as well as explaining the company´s beliefs and long term ideals and objectives. The I.R.M mission statement is as follows:'We aim to be a leading force in racecourse management offering a highquality service, providing direction and making progress through ourconsiderable knowledge, expertise and understanding of the racing industry.´I.R.M feel they can achieve their mission by:· using sound and innovative management techniques.· endeavouring to be pro-active and cost effective.· constantly improving and updating their knowledge through training· being loyal, enthusiastic and hard workingI.R.M´s mission statement is of a sound base. They´re main concern is for their customer, i.e. the racecourses. They want to be a world leader in their chosen business rather than go through life just making a profit each year. Obviously any organisation is in business to make a profit, but with I.R.M that is not a primary issue. They want to be at the forefront of racecourse management.StakeholdersI.R.M has a number of stakeholders associated to the company, all of whom hace a vested interest in the performance and overall running of the organisation. I feel that the five most important stakeholders associated with I.R.M are:1. The customers, i.e....

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