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What Is The Future Of E Business

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Visions of the future: E-BusinessThe term E-Business can basically be broken down into all the organisations in the world today that have some kind of interaction with the Internet; the World Wide Web. For example, a small video shop organisation could be referred to as an E-Business organisation due to using the Internet to order videos from an external supplier. A large Internet provider such as AOL (America On-Line) are very much dependent on the Internet as without it they would have no business! This essay will look into the next decade and highlight the changes that will happen to E-Business organisations. In the next 10 years some fascinating changes and developments will occur in the world ofE-Business. The first issue to consider will be the future of organisations that will benefit from changes in E-Business in the next 10 years, and secondly will be to consider the future of organisations that will suffer due to the changes in E-Business.So who will benefit from changes in E-Business over the next 10 years? At current levels the Internet "grows at a rate of 1.5 million pages per day and doubles in size every 8 months." It will continue to grow over the next decade, so Internet search engine companies such as Lycos and Yahoo etc. will also expand in stature as they will be providing the public with more information than ever before. More and more people will then obtain access to the World Wide Web because of the greater level of information available which inevitably means that these companies will gain more business, hence more money!Due to Internet growth in the next decade, there will be a variety of new innovativeE-Business organisations that will benefit. We will see "virtual organizations" created that will "reduce duplication and pull together information and services into a user-friendly 'one-stop shop'." These organizations will be created to serve businesses that have regular interaction with the World Wide Web, making life easier for them. We will also see an organisation providing a service for the benefit of society everywhere as"In the future, we will have the telecommunications and virtual reality technologies for a doctor in Houston to perform a delicate operation on a patient in Alaska."This technological development would have the images of the patient beamed back to the doctor over the Internet, hence linking the provider with an E-Business organisation. This development could seriously improve health conditions in developing countries, where medical care is limited.Information Privacy and Confidentiality will be affected in the next decade due to Internet growth. It is very likely that without sufficient monitoring, future information on the Internet could include personal details about people, without their consent. This may lead to the emergence of an "Internet Privacy Corporation" (IPC). The purpose of this organisation will be to prevent people's private information being held anywhere on the Internet without...

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