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In the world, there exist 129,864,880 books. The chances of someone reading every single book is virtually impossible. One of these books holds information, beliefs, and truths that are pinnacle to Christianity. This is, of course, the Bible. In the Bible, namely the New Testament, there are many letters. Paul, who wrote many of these letters, proclaims the gospel, the “good news”. What is this good news and what are the so-called “gospels” in the first place? Why is it even necessary to know this? After reading specific sections of Paul’s letters, such as Romans 8, and commentaries regarding these passages, the gospel is the good news of the Lord, The good news is a proclamation of our access to salvation and the sacrifice of Christ that served to grant us that.
One passage of Paul’s letters that speaks directly on the good news is Romans 8. Romans 8:1 states that “there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” We are, in nature, a sinful being. We have a cloud of sin that is preeminent to our behavior. As we will see later, this sin is not for naught, Paul even giving thanks for it. What we need, though, is, as articulated in “Romans: The Righteousness of God” is a “repeal of his condemnation whereby he is bound to the law of sin”. We have been given that in accordance to the previous verse. We have been set free of “the law of sin and death” (verse 2). This is good news! We no longer have to look to the law for justification or for sanctification. In fact, John Stott references the “law” to be describing the gospel. The message of the law of the Spirit has liberated us. Paul then chronicles multiple things that God did as sanctification. Just as we have been liberated by the Holy Spirit, so can we be guided by it.
We have been given the Spirit to walk according to, rather than the flesh, as explained in scripture (Romans 8:12-14). As McGuiggan says, “the Holy Spirit is Christ’s representative in the believer”. Because Christ and the Spirit are interchangeable, those in Christ have his nature, wich has been imparted by the Spirit. Should we decide to live after the flesh, of which we have no obligation to follow (Romans 8:12), we have only death to look forward to. Living after the old law required flawlessness, an impossible feat. The new law, the gospels, give a more attainable law. In verse 13, Paul says that we must put to death the deeds of the flesh so that we may live. We have been given the Spirit, who can, thankfully, guide our hearts toward righteousness. The Spirit leads us via the Word of God . As Schlatter puts it, articulately, “Our justification is based on Christ’s act and becomes effective because the Spirit determines our action.” Not only do we have to admonish the flesh and turn towards the Spirit, the Spirit is drawing us to follow it. Verse 26 says that the Spirit helps us in our weakness. The Spirit is our intercessor between us and GodWe have been given the Spirit to turn...

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