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What Is The Government Doing? Essay

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The American dream, has being for years, the reason why people decide to migrate to the United States. The American dream is the idea of finding well-paid job opportunities that would supply for example to buy a beautiful house and own a nice car. Therefore, the key of the American dream is jobs, which now in days are vague within the country. United States has fallen in a deep recession that has raised unemployment rates to the sky. Now, is ironically to continue calling U.S to be the American dream. There are so few job openings, which are not even enough to restore the country’s economy. Government should focus on creating jobs to help citizens that are struggling by lowering taxes instead of being waiting for unemployment rates to drop miraculously.

Today government is bringing helps such as medicaid, medicare, food stamps, and unemployment benefits. These benefits help to somehow control the citizens reaction to the economy recession, but not all. Plenty of laws and clauses have being added to qualify for these government's benefits. Now young adults of eighteen and over do not qualify for any of these helps unless they work at least nineteen hours per week. How does government expect for people to have a job if there are not open positions?

People who fortunately do have a job might not consider how stressful it can be to not be able to get a job. Throughout history cases of domestic violence and even suicide have being present. The stress that causes the lack of jobs affect principally men. it is normal to see men playing the role of the head of the family, protector, and provider. After losing a job the men and women who are head of families, are the ones that feel all the pressure on top of their shoulders.In “Worrisome changes in U.S labor force and Employment sice 2007” Robert Higgs asks wise questions: “how are the millions of people who normally would have been in the labor force now occupying themselves? who is supporting them? what are their expectations and plans?” U.S citizens are definitely struggling, and expectations are and will always be on government. Government is who can create jobs, and who has the power to lower taxes.

However, it would not be fair to only see how people without jobs are affected. Truth is that even who today has a job can be struggling. The fact that U.S is in an economic recession can lead to the closure of industries. Taxes are too high that people is now going after cheaper products to make their salaries last. companies whose prices are somehow higher might be losing clients and the most drastic result would lead to the end of the industry but also the end of many people’s jobs. Now, it is well to say that nobody is for sure, safe from the ideal of unemployment.

After all, like if all these chaos was not enough Obama comes out with new plans supposedly to help the U.S citizens but instead of helping, these programs such as “Obamacare, the Dodd-Frank financial reform act, and other looming...

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