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What Is The Importance Of Photography In The 21st Century: For Me And For The World?

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When I look at this question to what is the importance of photography I thought of many different ideas to why it’s important to not only me but also important to the world. First I asked the question to myself and I had many reasons to why it’s important for me. The first reason would be because if a close friend or even a family member passed away I know that I could cherish them forever threw the pictures we have taken together. That’s the beautiful thing about photography it doesn’t only carry creativity it also holds much deeper relations like memories that you can never redo. I never really cared for photography personally but when I think about it photography helps the world in a big ...view middle of the document...

”, Photography is important because it holds a mirror up to humanity and shows us what’s real, what’s true, how unique we all are, and how much we really have in common.”, and also “Photography is important because it helps us remember our loved ones, remember that cute dress we wore to that party, remember that intimate conversation we had with our mom, or the shared laugh we had with our best friend.”
As I do more research I find more important things that I never thought about photography before. Photography is important because it provides a history of special moments, relationships, growth, and love. Photography is a record of the many people and relationships that have made us who we are. Photography helps a person to truly see themselves as they are – as a beloved person created by God and valuable to others. Photography helps us to not forget God’s blessings in our lives.
I had a conversation with one of my cousins who happens to be a photographer, so I started asking him questions about why photography was important to him. Basically he was telling as a photographer, he knows how important images are for people to be able to capture certain memories, and it is his mission to share this knowledge with as many people...

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