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What Is The Internet Of Things?

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What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?
The internet of things (IoT) is a technical concept that outlines the fate of how everything in today’s information age that is physically connected on day-to-day basis will be connected to the internet as an enabler of being able to recognize themselves to other entities. IoT is remarkable in such a way that entities will not just be entities like we know them to be but then all these entities surrounding us will be more advanced in such a way that they will be connected to a network. These entities in relation to IoT will be able to receive, transmit and send data then act upon the data that they received from the users. The first engagement that ...view middle of the document...

For this to occur it will mean that entities or devices such as sensors will be embedded almost everywhere such as in homes, shops or businesses specifically in physical objects that each of the mentioned units consist off.
Advantages and disadvantages of the IoT
Production enhancements: IoT aims at improving the quality of living by making sure that users can access their devices remotely with ease as well as to gain access to information that they require at any given time, an example of this would be that, in a few years’ time will allow doctors to be able to keep track of their patients’ health by using the internet. The productivity in the scenario implies that users will be able to do things in the comfort of their own homes as opposed to having to move around all times.
IoT will be productive to the user in such a way that if the user wanted to set the thermostat to a certain temperature before they arrived home the steps that they would take before the users request can be transmitted are as follows:
When the user gets inside his/her car, the car will be able to recognize that the user is inside the car because of the device that they have with them (smart phone), then after all of this has been done (recognition) the user will then be asked if they are heading home or not, then should the user respond to say yes they are heading home, the car will then transmit data to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) in the house to let the thermostat know that the user is heading home therefore the temperature should be set to a certain level of the users preference. What this phenomenon shows us is that using people, educational institutions and businesses will be able to communicate with their devices without having to do too much work but instead everything can and will be done easily by just a click of a button from your mobile device (smart phone).
Health: the health sector will use the IoT in such a way that prescription bottles will be refilled using RX bottles and doctors will be able to tell if patients are taking their medication in the prescribed dosages or not by virtue of having systems that can run scans on their blood samples remotely so that if they do not take medication they can then be warned and reminded of the consequences that come with not taking your medication for the recommended time frame.
IoT will bring about technologies that we see in movies such as Elysium where patients are able to lie on bed and have scans that scan their entire anatomy and notifies them of the kind of diseases or chemical imbalances that they have so that they receive medical attention early to reduce the mortality rates.
Patients who are mentally challenged can be closely monitored using IoT-driven, non-intensive monitoring, what this this does is that the sensors associated with this device collects the information that the brain transmits using gateways to the healthcare professionals to inform them patients need...

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