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What Is The Most Effective Method To Prevent Teen Suicide?

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The word ‘suicide’ is the combination of ‘sui’, which means ‘self’, and ‘caedo’, which means ‘killing’. ) While suicide can be defined differently according to different perspectives, general definition will be the ‘willful behaviors to kill or to harm oneself’ or ‘abandoning oneself and chipping off from belonged society’. Also, according to World Health Organization, WHO, suicide is ‘the act of deliberately killing oneself, understanding the motif and purpose of own death’. ) However, people who show suicidal behaviors intend not only to harm and punish themselves, but also express despair, futile and anger. (Keinhorst, Wilde, & Diekstra, 1995)

Suicide is the third-leading cause of death for 20s and approximately 1 million people dies each year from suicide. Also, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, NIMH, higher rate of suicide is committed during the teenage. In fact, people feel the most stress and strong suicidal impulses during teenage while they are asked to fit in socially and to perform academically. Especially teenagers who go through major life changes such as parental separation and being victims of bullying are at greater risk of suicidal thoughts.

People who have not been in the grips of suicidal depression and despair find difficulties in understanding what drives other people to abandon their own lives. But, they might possibly imagine internal pain and suffer, which cannot be bearable. However, even though suicidal people commit suicide in order to escape from such agony, they go through deep conflicts about losing their own lives and try to find alternative method to relieve their pain any other than committing suicide. This is natural conflict and thoughts to human since human have ultimate goal to survive from harsh environment and conditions and to produce offspring. Then, if so, what factors make one to abandon their lives?

While depression and drug overdose frequently adults to commit suicide the factors that lead teenagers to commit suicide are different due to many reasons. Teenagers go through cognitive, emotional, and behavioral development, which can be affected by different matters than adult can. As the evidence, while many adults commit suicide due to their mental illness, few of teenagers commit suicide due to their mental illnesses. (Sheidman, 1987) Also, depression, the most frequent reason of committing suicide, of teenagers mostly likely to be acute disease and its symptoms disappear in short time. Therefore, it is hard to detect the factors and causes of teen suicide of teenagers. Moreover, according to the research of Kerfoot et al. (1996), only 20% of teenagers, who committed suicide, planned their death...

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