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What Is The Most Important Way The Small Business You Have Chosen Meets Customer Needs?

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The small business I have chosen is little shop of wishes an online business at the address Little shop of wishes is based in south wales creating unique products using a laser to cut acrylic into a variety of products including cake toppers and wall hangings. A customer need is something that the customer demands to have with the purchase of products and is a “costumer-felt state of deprivation” and the needs of the customers include value speed and range.
An important costumer need is value for money this is important because the internet is a very competitive market as you can easily compare the prices and the value of different businesses at the same time ...view middle of the document...

The best place for any online business to be is at the top of the first page getting there can be expensive and most small new businesses don’t have the money of the time to set it up The business I have chosen meets these needs by being on eBay that is always high up Google so word of the brand gets out among the costumers so they can spread it around and advertise for themselves.
An important costumer need is Range. This is important because if you do not have exactly the right product and a competitor does it is possible that the costumer might go to the other business for the better product. The business I have chosen meets these needs by having a large range of high quality unique products
An important costumer need is having a unique selling point. This is important because most people don’t want the same thing that someone else has and they want to stand out and have something to show off to their neighbours that they have a superior thing. The business I have chosen meets these needs by creating a unique product for each individual and having it personalised with a name and a date
An important costumer need is Friendliness. This is important because if someone is rude to the costumer usually they will just hang up and go somewhere...

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