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What Is The New World Order Organization?

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Novus Ordo Seclorum or more commonly known as New World Order is considered to be an organization that consists of some of the richest and elite families of the world. These families have an agenda to faction against the rule of states whilst installing a single authoritarian world government.
There are many different opinions about this theory and some are stronger than others. Such as, some people believe that social security numbers, bar codes amongst other surveillance systems are used by the NWO to track every move of the people and that the main leaders of the NWO are some of the wealthiest and influential people, politicians and entrepreneurs. Then there are opposing arguments that ...view middle of the document...

It should involve the reapportioning of power through which global affairs become the people’s affairs. It should mean that international relations can no longer be conducted within the confines of intrinsically undemocratic arenas where ordinary people have no voice.
New world order can be achieved only if the Security Council, at the United Nations, is abolished. These self-appointed five countries, USA, UK, Russia, China and France, with “VETO” powers are there only to further their own agenda and they think the rest of the world is their sheep. While they convey the idea of self-government, democracy for the rest of the world, in reality, in the UN they practice a Feudal system. Decisions pertaining to the entire world’s welfare should be made in the General Assembly by the majority vote (weighted on the population of a country) and not by these five powers.
Nations rise and fall over decades but sometimes all it takes is a single event to be of symbolic importance when it seems to reveal an essential truth of an underlying situation that has slowly evolved into being.
The New World Order has succeeded in many ways by creating wars to control natural resources and certain populations. They have used mind control mechanisms such as television media to propagandize the people to advance their plans for world domination. They have implemented a financial system that has enslaved people from globally to depend on the US dollar. They have destabilized countries that were sovereign, with the most recent examples of Iraq, Libya, Mali and now Syria. A revolution of consciousness of the people who yearn for freedom and happiness cannot be defeated from invading armies, but through propaganda, at least according to the global elite. But it is not working anymore. The world is awake. People are informed. The internet revolution and alternative media was instrumental in this sense. The idea of freedom is within all of us. Human beings are born free. From the American Revolution against the King George and British Empire to the Indigenous populations of the America’s against the rising American empire have resisted tyranny.
For instance, the Syrian conflict, as of March 2011 Syrian government troops open fire on people protesting the regime of Bashar al-Assad. The Action Group inclusive of U.S and Russia agree to a peace plan. Later in the year, The Red Cross declares the conflict a civil war. The death tolls are on the rise. Mid 2013, U.S and Russia agree to work towards bringing the Syrian government and opposition to peace talks. Later that year, August 2013, Syrian Assad regime is accused of using chemical weapons in an attack that killed hundreds of civilians. President Barack Obama had warned al-Assad that would be crossing a “red line”. That is when the Americans contemplated a military response as tensions escalated across the board. The U.S and Russian diplomats came to terms about securing and destroying Syria’s chemical weapons...

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