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What is “the princess effect”?
This flex paper will be written on the impact that Disney princesses have on little girls. The article this paper is based on looks at how parents and their little girls are at acceptance with the girly-girl culture through the Disney princesses’ franchise. The article stated that the Disney Princesses entered the life of psychotherapist Mary Finucane’s 3-year-old daughter. And from then on out her three year old daughter began refusing to do or wear things that princesses didn’t do or wear, “ Finucane, who created the Disney Princess Recovery blog, said of her daughter after she started watching Disney’s princess movies and accumulating princess-emblazoned ...view middle of the document...

She also believed that these Disney girls are meant to supplant the animated ones once girls reach the very important age of five. I believe the “old Disney” is better than this “new Disney” in terms of the shows given. The old Disney had “That’s So Raven”, “Kim Possible”, “Lilo & Stitch” these shows didn’t have the glam that “Shake it up” has or “Austin & Ally”. The old shows in my opinion were better. I take note that these new shows bring upcoming artist a way to get their foot in the door but I still prefer the old Disney.
Never the less, back to the princesses, in the article Gomez a mother and Blogger says that “Mulan, Ariel and Jasmine all stood up for what they believed in. . . . ‘Beauty and the Beast’ shows that we must look beyond what our eyes see. Belle looked beyond the outward appearance of the Beast and found love.” that also says that it isn’t always about the “happily ever after” but it’s also about what you believe in, looking beyond what our eyes see, how to fight for what you want, Vanellope from ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ thought children that because people tell you your different doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. I believe on of the most important messages was from the movie ‘Brave’ where Merida shows us you control your destiny and you don’t need magic to do it. Most importantly there are no magical shortcuts to solving your problems. Movies like ‘Frozen’ show that you don’t need a prince to save you, sometimes just the love of your sister can save you from yourself. Not all Disney movies show that princesses need to be pretty or un-spunky. Ana from Frozen was a princess and she ran, jumped, sang, and did everything little girls are supposed to do.
Additionally, I take into consideration what the article says about the movie ‘Princess and the Frog’ , “Tiana has strength and determination, but she starts off the movie by kissing someone whom she has no desire to kiss, to shut him up,” Finucane said. “It’s not the idea of falling in love that rubs some parents the wrong way, it’s the priority Disney has given to it” I agree to an extent to what this says. Disney doesn’t only make it their...

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