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What Is The Purpose Of College?

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Since an early age, parents, teachers, and society in general have penetrated the idea into students’ head that we must go to college. Maybe you remember when you were 5 years old in the kinder garden drawing in the classroom, when the lovely teacher asked the “what you want to be when you grow up” question. Since that day students are bombarded with the concept that they have to go to college in order to be successful in life. If students don’t go to a four-year college and have good grades, their life will be a complete disaster. But what happens when you have a 4.0 GPA, have been in the honor roll for 4 straight years, and perhaps been the valedictorian of your high school, but can’t afford college? What if you don’t want to go to college but to a trade school or get a simple certificate instead? That is when we start to deeply think what role college is playing in our society. Should college be an option? What’s the real purpose of going to college anyways? The real question is if by going to a university it would be really preparing students for real world.

One of the main reasons why people go to college is to improve themselves as people as well to improve in the socioeconomic status. For instance, people who came to the United States as immigrants to have a better life most like would want their kids to go to college, so they can be more educated and have a better life style. Now, the majority of Americans that have plans to go to college face a problem that discourage and frustrates them. This problem is the cost of education. It’s really exiting when you received your acceptance letter from the University that you applied, but is more depressing when you don’t have money to pay for it. We all know or if not we have an idea that college is a huge investment, yet at the same time is really expensive. According to a study of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni it has been seen that “[s]ince 1985, the price of higher education has increased 538 percent” (Kathleen Parker.) In our days, even if the students receive financial aid, scholarship and work part-time jobs, students can’t still afford college. There are various reasons why higher education is unaffordable, but the main two factors are the economy and inflation. Nevertheless, not everyone is on the same boat. By which I mean that there are people who can afford or to manage to pay college, but at a certain point they will be considering to borrow a student loan specially if they are majoring in majors like law, medicine or engendering majors and that’s only to mention few majors.

Moreover, what role are universities playing or should be playing in our society then? Is it to stress students making them worry to pay their debts, worrying that they can’t pay or even afford college? I don’t think so. Yet, the article, “Students debt up and taking years to clear up” list some majors where students would have to pay more than what they are expected to earn with that bachelor...

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