What Is The Purpose Of Dreaming

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They say, “It’s not a straight answer. Everyone does it. It naturally comes.” (Morgan, 2012) Dreaming is part of our everyday life. It isn’t something that we have to think of in order for it to happen. It is something that is going to happen either we think about it or not. “We spend one-third of our lives dreaming”, says, (Dell’Amore, 2011). Sleeping is called REM. For adults REM is about every 90 minutes (1hr 30 min). The first cycle is short for 3 minutes but can increase to 55 minutes.” (Dell’Amore, 2011) “Dreams can happen during “Non-REM” too.” (Dell’Amore, 2011) She says that “REM sleep paralyses your muscles for temporary time. It protects our body from our dreams.” This means that some of our dreams can be very powerful and actually cause us to hurt ourselves. We might feel like what we are dreaming is actually real and we would want to act upon it. We can maybe hurt ourselves For example, we have all had that one dream where we feel like are falling and we jump off our beds or we dream that we are fighting against someone or something and we end up punching something that is reals.

This brings me to the next point of using dreams to help us heals our minds. “Since dreams are so visual, they hold an image related to that subject in your mind as you fall asleep.” (Roberts, 2011) If we fall asleep with a thought in mind that we don’t talk about, then it’s possible for us to dream about because we were not able to speak about it. When we don’t let things out or we are having problems, then it’s possible that we dream about them as well. “About one half of the students dreamed about the problem and one-quarter of them solve it.” Dreaming is a problem solver for those who can’t think about solutions or just don’t know what they do about a situation. (DreamsCloud, 2014) tells us that dreaming is not just telling us a simple story but it is telling you a bigger idea or a solution to something bigger.

The time we spend dreaming can help us solve problems by giving our minds free rein to examine all possible scenarios.” (Morgan, 2012) Dreaming has the answers to any problem that we can have. For adults when they have are having nightmares it is usually because as a kid they had problems or events in their life that haven’t been resolved. “As an adult troubling or frightening are often an indication of unresolved issue from the past.” (Roberts, 2011) The reasons why kids have nightmares is because kids go through a tantrum stage. This is because they often have bad dreams because they’re too young to articulate what’s bothering them, so this way dreams are manifested in their dreams. They usually dream about monsters which is reflected as the problem. When kids have nightmare we should talk to them and ask them what’s wrong so that they can let go of what is bothering them. “They can help us get through some things that are causing us trouble. “One of the best features of ordinary dreaming can also help us solve and get in touch with...

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