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What Is The Relationship Between Media Use And Academic Performance?

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Ego Ofoegbu
What is the Relationship between Media Use and Academic Performance?
Technological advances have allowed for so many conveniences to be available for humans all over the world. Of the many advances that have been made, social networks have come to be a highly used method of technology that allows for many avenues of networking. The empirical research experiments within this study observe a variety of scholars ranging in age, race and gender. The methods used were very practical and produced results that supported the hypothesis. Researchers predicted that not only are Facebook and other social networks impacting the way emerging adults interact, but also the negative effect that it has on academic performance. Results both supported and identified key concepts of the hypothesis of these researchers. Facebook facilitates expansive social networks that grow through distant kinds of relationships (Manago, Taylor, & Greenfield, 2012). Findings also include that social networks can have a correlation and relationship to poor academic performance
Dr. Jennifer Walsh and others conducted a study in 2013 titled, Female College Students’ Media Use and Academic Outcomes: Results From a Longitudinal Cohort Study. There was a larger part of this study of which these participants were included in. The study was on health behaviors and relationships, but the main study focused on media use and academic performance. This study was an example of the most common type of descriptive research-survey. The researchers conducted a longitudinal study, in this case, a within-participants design because the same sample of respondents are questioned more than once. The independent variable was media use and the dependent variable was grade point average. Researchers predicted that participants’ involvement in using newer types of social media (texting, social networks), rather than older types (television, magazines) would affect academic performance because social media usually replaces activities like reading and homework. Also, media use would challenge academic performance. The participants were recruited through mass emails sent to incoming freshman students, psychology department and campus posters. The student interested would attend an orientation, sign a consent form and complete an initial survey. Every month for a year, a survey on health behaviors would be completed, but women would report media use and academics every now and then and received $10-$20 for each survey.
Researchers tracked 483 first-year college women in Northeastern University and surveyed their use of 11 different forms of social media. These forms included Internet, movies, music and video games, to just mention a few. GPAs were recorded at the end of the fall and spring semesters. Researchers found that high social media relates to low grade-point averages and other negative academic outcomes.
As mentioned earlier, this study was longitudinal and with...

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