What Is The Risk Of Social Media In The Classroom?

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There are places and content offline that is inappropriate to students and so it is online. This has been a major concern for educators and the society as a whole. However this does not deter the increased use of technology including social media in the classroom. Social media tools have become a part of people’s lives so it is easy to integrate it in the classroom, (Brooks, 2014). However, there are many risks associated with integrating social media tools in the classroom just as there are risks associated with the traditional use of online tools. E-safety issue is one of the major risks involved in the use of social media tools in the classroom as there is a risk of putting students’ ...view middle of the document...

This includes the posting of pictures, information on blogs or on any other social media sites. There is the risk of software not being filtered; hence students are able to access inappropriate sites and content. Firewall should also be installed and monitored on the school network to minimize the opening of malicious attachments on emails, malware as well as monitor the sites accessed by students.
The school’s technology department has to be actively involved as there are several forms of malware practices. This is to ensure that the students don’t fall prey to these malicious software applications and thus it is important to ensure that software filtering, firewalls and any other malware protection is implemented, (Brooks, 2014).
Another risk is the use of these social media as a mass market tool. Students can become excited about the use of social media tools resulting in them becoming friends with persons not in their group. These sites can be viewed as a means of fun, playing games, taking part in conversations not related to school using the site for the wrong reason and thus minimizing the purpose of the media resulting in time wasting, (Mackenzie, 2012).
It is recommended that social media tools that are used in schools be geared towards the school environment such as Edmodo. This is a free application which provides a user interface for students with the manner similar to that of a Learning Management System. This facilitates discussion groups, the ability to link with other web content. Such a tool enables the teachers to have access to everything and the ability to control information posted on the site which is private, (Brooks, 2014).

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