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What Is The Role Of Women In Othello, And Does It Matter?

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A woman is the full circle but it is ordinarily believed that women are the weaker species. Women in this play conduct themselves in such a way that they allow men to dominate them. Back in the days women were taken as property. They were distrusted and mistreated. Men held more power than women. The disparity in the number of characters expresses the preferred gender in the play; there are more men than women. This bigotry is very much accentuated in the whole play. Women are spoken vicious of and often treated as furniture. They depict to be conquered yet the whole play is cantered on women.

The play involves three women and they are all kept; Desdemona who is married to Othello, Emilia ...view middle of the document...

The fact that he chose to trust Iago rather than his heart displays a woman’s worth. His jealousy overwhelmed the worth of Desdemona as he could not stand the thought of sharing his property with someone else. Iago also murdered Emilia in the finish because she had rebelled against him. This shows that women are to obey there masters and pledge allegiance to their owners. These are treated as mere tools and are disposed like waste products if they do not Bow to the wills and wants of their controllers.

The women in the play display an eminently meek idiosyncrasy. Desdemona is portrayed as vulnerable and pure at the beginning of the play. “Get you to bed on th’instant…” “Yes my lord”. (act4, 7-10) She shows all-out acquiescence to Othello throughout the play even after he accuses her and insults her; she still vows her love for him. Emilia and Bianca’s characters unconditionally adhere to the orders given by their men. This is demonstrated when Emilia takes the handkerchief for Iago without even asking him what he needs it for. . “I am glad to have found this napkin … I’ll have the work tane out and giv’t Iago” (act3 292-298). She gets aroused when she finds it and instantly hands it to him. This shows that she is undoubtedly his puppet, he tells her to fetch and she immediately heeds to it. This image degrades the worth of women. Bianca likewise shows submissiveness in which she obeys Cassio although he has not made an honest woman out of her.”…sweet Bianca, take me this work out” “Tis very good I must be circumstance’d”. She deliberately offers herself to him and even agrees to his requests; she agreed to copy the handkerchief for him. This shows that although she has no obligation to him she still grants...

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