What Is The Schlieffen Plan? Essay

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The Schlieffen Plan
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1. What was the Entente Cordial and what effect did it have on Germany?
The Entente Cordial was a group of agreements signed by France and the United Kingdom which began the alliance against Germany. The signing of the Entente Cordiale turned the economy of Germany into one designed for war.

2. Who was Field Marshal Alfred von Schlieffen?

Field Marshal Alfred von Schlieffen was a German field marshal who served as the Chief of the Imperial German General Staff from 1891 to 1906. He is known for the Schlieffen Plan, a strategic plan designed to defeat Russia and France, which involved fighting both fronts at the same time.
3. The Germans assumed that in case of war they would have to fight on two fronts, to the East and to the West. Which two countries did they plan to fight?
They planned to fight France (on the West) and Russia (on the East).

4. According the Schlieffen Plan, which country should be attacked first and why?
According to the Schlieffen Plan, France should be the first country attacked because Russia was on one side of Germany and France on the other; and they figured if they attacked one, the other country would attack them from the other side. They believed that they should fight France first because since Russia’s army was so big it would take them longer to prepare, and this would give Germany adequate time to successfully defeat France and then defeat Russia with all of their forces afterward.

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5. Involving Belgium and Holland (the Dutch) was considered a bold move. Why?
Involving Belgium and Holland was considered a bold move because it was a ‘violation of Belgian and Dutch neutrality.’

6. How do historians assess the Schlieffen Plan?
Historians assess the Schlieffen from positive and negative standpoints. The plan has been criticized and praised. It has been condemned for...

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