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What Is The Scientific Method? Essay

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What is the Scientific Method? The Scientific Method is the theory by which scientists discover new ideas. It teaches that when an idea, or hypothesis, is tested, and found to be correct, it moves on to become a Theory. A Theory then goes before the scientific community, and if nobody finds any evidence against it, then it becomes a Law. At any point during this stage, a single experiment contrary to the hypothesis, Theory, or Law can prove it wrong. When this happens, a new hypothesis must be formed, and go through the process again. This seems like a good idea, and it is when properly followed. However, one theory that has remained despite constantly being proved to the contrary, is the theory of evolution. Below is detailed some of the evidence on why evolution cannot scientifically be true.
Before we start examining why evolution is wrong, it would be helpful for everyone in here to have a good idea of what evolution is. When a cell or organism reproduces, the original cell or organism's DNA is passed on to the new cell or organism. About once every three hundred times this happens there is a genetic mutation. There are three categories of mutations: beneficial, harmful, and neutral. This is fairly self explanatory. Beneficial mutations improve the organism's ability to survive in its current environment, harmful mutations hurt the organisms ability to survive in its current environment, and neutral mutations don't make a difference. In theory, mostly organisms with beneficial mutations pass on their DNA, with its new mutations, because most organisms with harmful mutations do not survive. Gradually, as new mutations occur in new environments, the DNA of a cell or organism changes so much that it is no longer the same species as what it started out as. This is where the theory of evolution begins to fall apart.
There are only three kinds of genetic mutations: insertion, deletion, and substitution. Insertion is where a base pair is added to a DNA strand. Deletion is where a base pair is removed from a DNA strand. Substitution is where a partial copy of another DNA strand is added to a part of another DNA strand to which it does not belong. However, these mutations only effect a single chromosome. A chromosome is a section of DNA dedicated to one part of an organism. Never before has a genetic mutation been observed to delete or add chromosomes. But this must happen in order for evolution to take place. Why? Because every organism has a set number of chromosomes. Every human has 46 chromosomes, every rhesus monkey has 42 chromosomes, every sun bear has 74 chromosomes, every mosquito has 6 chromosomes, and so on. Chromosome counts are locked and never change. But in order to make the transition between species that we see, chromosome counts would have to change at some point. This has never been observed to happen. The only exception to this is Down's Syndrome, in which an existing chromosome is copied and added. However, this is...

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