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What Is The Significance Of Adolescent Psychology And Is It Important For An Educator To Be Knowledgeable Of It?

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Spring 2014
Adolescence is a transitional period we will all come to experience. What makes adolescence stand out is that it is a period in our lives that links what we have experienced in our childhood to developing and shaping the individuals we will become during adulthood. This particular field in psychology calls for a focus on young people’s abilities, strengths and developmental needs. There is an extensive amount of research that focuses on adolescent development and how it impacts an individual socially, emotionally and psychologically. While the research that supports youth developments is ongoing, it is critically important that educators focus on adolescent psychology in order ...view middle of the document...

Literature Review

Research that supports adolescent development continues to be a popular area of focus. As far back as the 1960s, researchers like Hall (1904), indicate that the period of adolescence is as a time of storm and stress, characterized by sharp physical up heals, and Connolly & Goldberg (1999) describe that a characteristic of early adolescence is when a time when youth begin to build casual relationships which arise in mixed-sex peer groups in the middle years of adolescence. Through my research on adolescent psychology I have come to an understanding that it generally refers to a period ranging somewhere between the age of 12 and 19 years old. Although I would like to point out that this is not an accurate measure for every individual. I fear that when it comes to factors such as physical ability, cultural and racial, socioeconomic background diversity some adolescents have different experiences when transitioning into this stage of human development. For some entering this period can be prolonged, brief or in some cases seem like it never happen. I know that in my own upbringing my mother took the time to educate me about the changes that I would be undergoing, mostly physical but also social and behavioral. She often drilled it in my head to think about the decisions I make, to respect my body and to choose my friends wisely. She was known for telling the common saying, “tell me who’s your friend, and I will tell you who you are.” I began to think that my mother stopped understanding and relating to me when towards the end of my middle school years. Often times we couldn’t see eye to eye on simple things like allowing me to go to the bodega (grocery store) on the corner of our street by myself. I began to challenge my mom and her beliefs. According to Medinus & Johnson (1969) parents from all walks of life want their children to be happy, and despite this, there exists frictions between adolescents and their parents (as cited in Ogwo, 2013). Although I was undergoing through many changes I did not realize that I was moving from being considered childlike to being considered adult like.

Yet, I only began to consider myself entering adolescence by the onset of puberty. For an adolescent it may seem like puberty happens overnight. It does not take long for signs of puberty to begin appear visible to the outside world. Often times it is common to believe that girls enter puberty when they begin menstruating, and for boys it is usually considered when they begin to grow facial hair...

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