What Is The True Meaning Of True Beauty? Enc 1101 Essay

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Courtney Carter
December 5, 2016
Professor LaRocca
ENC 1101
Can you be more beautiful than you already are? True beauty can be such a vague and broad word. It is a word that has been debated between poets and artists about its meaning for many centuries. Beauty can be a controversial topic for the thousands of different meanings it can take on. According to the dictionary, it is a noun meaning a combination of qualities such as shape, color, or form that pleases the aesthetic senses. So in laymen terms, beauty describes a person’s qualities such as their shape, color, and form. Just like in ancient and even modern day times it holds the same meaning. Especially in the world that we are living in today beauty has been blown way out proposition. In today’s society it has become an unrealistic image that society has put in place as the ideal image of true beauty. The true definition or ideal image of beauty is strictly formed around your color, shape, and your appearance (looks). We now see why the true meaning of beauty is such a controversial topic to discuss especially in the sense for women. Beauty should not be based off of such superficial value. Beauty has always been based off your appearance, shape, and color. Over the years the definition of the word beauty has shifted and differed over the human belief of beauty. This word has constantly been used to defining things by their appearances acting as a show of goodness. Ideally, it has a certain definition. All in all, most people look at beauty in the terms of having collective characteristics in a person or an object that offer a sense of pleasure to your mind and sight. For instance, in ancient times specifically the ancient Greek times they also had an ideal image of what they thought beauty was. In their time the ideal image of true beauty was your youth, being youthful. Youth is a time of pure innocence. It is a time before the old age puberty starts to kick in. For instance, when you start to see the crow’s feet, wrinkles, saggy skin you start to feel your youthful state starting to fade. Unlike today, some things about the true meaning of beauty have evolved.
Modern societies have now set statues on what true beauty looks like. For example, a girl with straight long luxurious hair would be a characteristic on the ideal image of beauty today. You ask yourself why that is? Have you ever opened a magazine or a Victoria’s Secret catalog, what do you see? You see beautiful young ladies with beautiful straight silky long hair. So now this causes young women and ladies with curly hair to become insecure about their hair because it does not look like the models in the catalog. So then this starts an epidemic of perms, weaves, and straightening (heat damage) that then comes in to play just to look like these models in the catalogs. As you can see no matter what women will do whatever they have to do to obtain modern society’s ideal image.
Have you ever heard the saying that...

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