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What Is The Truth? Essay

1764 words - 8 pages

Before I begin to pen ink on paper I want to ask you a question.
“What is the truth?”
I like any prolific author am trying to be concise about my whole contexts. Before long it suffices me to say you will know enough and be equipped well enough to understand the discontinuity of these passages.
I want to make it clear that before your journey reaches its end you will come across many liars.
Many books, characters, its plot holes and all its indigenous narratives have been successfully misinterpreted by lying associates.
But why would I preach such a thing? Why offend my loving neighbors?
The answer is simple.
“To set you free.”
In time, I promise you will look at yourself in the opposite mirror with a new set of ambitions.
The sun will shine brighter.
The clouds will take you away.
Looking onward, lies may discourage you or even tempt you of unnecessary and unexpected shortcomings that may alter your discourse on this road trip to affiliation.
So turn off your distractions, your on-goings and your warm flooding memories to follow my words.
Heed and come away.
These pages that I have counted has been numbered with convincing certainty.
The secret that lay before the surface was a stumbling block for Frederick Desare. The air was cold for him and the sound of his twelve year old son’s tantrums was enough to wake him at this very late hour.
“I can’t. I just can’t.”
The boy named Marcus was up in his dressing gown with a bottle of ink and some yellow parchments. The quill which was brand new lay untouched as the boy seemed to be in much agony and discomfort.
“My son. What is the matter?
The boy looked up to his father and in all honesty Frederick could not withstand him. He could not bear the look on his only son that he had permanently damaged.
“It’s this story father. I have to write a story for tomorrow. And in truthfulness I must confess that I am lost.”
The father sighed and turned to the face of his son that he mistakenly distorted. The fire from Marcus’s eyes was still very much alive and had been ignited long ago by a series of unfortunate events and burning cigarettes. Marcus had forgiven him but the scar on his face reminded him of forgotten reality.
“Son this late into the night it’s no use. Rest and have another go tomorrow morning.”
The father turned and it was at this moment that he wished he didn’t. Weary and downtrodden the clock was approaching midnight when a sudden sound shook their very consciousness.
That’s when it hit I guess
The bombing
The announcing of Nazi Germany
The silent night that had settled the city lost its invitation to a few H4 bombs, rapid gunfire and the sound of an air raid screaming throughout the city. Dancing fires erupted and a parade of lights swept through the open sky blinding the sight of their own mere eyes. The Desares fainted and a little blackout was what came next before apocalyptic screams and crying whispers started echoing their names into the halls of their own forefathers.

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