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What Is The Venezuela Really Crisis About?

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David Frum. “Will Venezuela abandon Chavismo?” CNN.COM. 19. Feb. 2014.
David Frum, CNN contributor and also editor at The Daily Beast. He is the author of eight books, including a new novel, "Patriots," and a post-election e-book, "Why Romney Lost." Frum was a special assistant to President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2002. The author in the article “Will Venezuela abandon Chavismo?” considerate the possibility of a changed in actual politics in Venezuela. He relate his own experiences, when he visited Venezuela in 2010, everybody was talking about elite Cuban paramilitary police units that Chavez had supposedly borrowed from Fidel Castro. But change is coming ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, the deterioration of quality of life of the Venezuelans, with a hyperinflation rate closer to 60% per year. The rationing of the food, personal items, cleaning supplies, medicines, home goods and more is another reason for Venezuelan people protests in the streets.
Enrique Standish. “Venezuela Finally Turns Communist” Maduro follow Leninist
Dogma to the letter. PANAM.Post.29. Nov. 2013.Web. 3. Apr.2014.
This extensive, balanced article by Enrique Standish establishes that the communism in Venezuela has instauration in four stages. Standish states the first stage entailed obtaining total control of the state institutions. Then, the second stage or pre-revolutionary, as called Chávez, following Lenin’s texts, consisted of creating a totalitarian state. Then, in two thousand eight the third Stage of Process was implemented in which the Venezuelan governments nationalized the local operations of multinational companies in those sectors considered "essential” for their project advisors Cubans. After Chavez death things have changed. Now in the fourth stage, Maduro has declared “Economic War” by ending what was left of free markets in Venezuela as he approved a law setting price controls on all goods, and another law creating a National Foreign Trade Center monopoly that will handle all imports entering Venezuela.
Francisco Toro, Juan Cristobal Nagel. “Blogging the Revolution”. Caracas Chronicles and
The Hugo Chávez Era. 05. Mar. 2013.
According to Francisco Toro and Juan Cristobal Nabel authors of “Blogging the Revolution”. They claims that With Hugo Chávez's passing, Venezuela enters a new era. The time has come to look back on a decade of unprecedented upheavals. From a sharply critical stance, Blogging the Revolution surveys the evolution of both chavismo and the opposition, the disintegration of Venezuela's public sphere, the political economy of the petro state, and its impact on everyday life in the South American nation. “It provides an opportunity to look back on the past and to meditate on the future of Venezuela as it teeters between comedy and tragedy. This is an essential read for anybody interested in Venezuela…”
John Peelerc. “Understanding the Protest in Venezuela”. The New York Times.Apr.2. 2014.
John Peeler, professor emeritus of political science and Latin American studies at Bucknell University, and the author of “Building Democracy in Latin America” examines the two points of view in Venezuela actual crisis. The author...

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