What Is The Waterfall Model? Essay

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What is the waterfall model?
A waterfall model is a model that organisations use to help them complete their projects in a more organised and structured way, like a guide. The waterfall model has five stages the organisation has to follow in an order, they are: requirements, design, implementation, verification and maintenance. The first stage (requirements) is when the organisation has to know what the requirements will be when creating the system, what do they need and when do they need it. During the design phase the organisation would need to first draw out some sketches of how the system would look like, the interface and the DFD (data flow diagram). They would need choose the final ...view middle of the document...

It is easy to manage because if you use the waterfall model you would do what to do next and how to do it. The design is pretty simple which should help you use the model better because of its simplicity and easy to understand. This model works well with small projects because of the minor stages that are on the model, it shouldn’t take you long or require huge amount of people to create the system using this model.

Disadvantages of waterfall model
• Not suited for long and complex systems
• It’s quite risky to use
• System is not created until near the end of the model

Modified waterfall models
There are many different types of waterfall models and these are called modified models, they all have the same agenda but have different stages. These are created because some organisations tend to disagree how the waterfall model is structured and think it’s not suited to use on their projects. Here are some popular modified waterfall models:
• Spiral
• RAD (Rapid Application Development)
• V-Model

Spiral Model
Spiral model is a modified waterfall that brings out the same purpose, to guide you through the process of a project. The spiral model is more focused on analysing the risks of the project so it will help the project lower the probability of your project having risks. The spiral model has been modified by making the method focus more on the engineering side, it allows engineering companies that create products make good projects by using this method.


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