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A captivating subject matter for discussion; the nature of thought. To grasp the meaning of thought, one necessitates to cognize the human thought progression, the uniqueness to thinking, and why people express their contemplations. Memory, a module of thinking, aid the brain to delineate previously stockpiled material during thinking. Even the most seasoned thinkers have perceptual blocks and personal barriers that influence their views and opinions (Kirby & Goodpaster, 2007). The purpose of this paper is to define thinking, identify a personal false perception event, and define perceptual blocks and personal barriers that impact personal opinions and views.
What is thinking?
In the simplest definition, thinking denotes the entirety of what is on one’s mind or going through one’s mind. An idle thought, insignificant memory, or fluttering imprint is thinking. Fantasizing, building sand castles in the clouds, the moveable fluidity of chance and detached information floating through one’s concentrations at all times, is thinking. Humans spend a greater amount of time thinking than they may ever be cognizant of. Humanoid thoughts are unique because humans are the sole living beings, capable of putting point of views into achievement or action. Humans give judgments because they are unique and endeavor to discover, absorb, and because it is of one’s natural reaction (Golumbia, 2003).
Memory is extremely vital to thinking. Without memory, our brains could not progress diverse circumstances, comprehend past experiences, and assist to formulate one’s imminent future. We are all forgetful at one time or another. Forgetting is a part of being human. Fortunately, there are four specific tasks that will sharpen one’s memory. Law of association, people absorb by association and remember by association. Individual’s recollect events and things that are simple to recall. Law of succession, when one regularly experiences two things in instant succession, the existence of the first, has a tendency to generate recall of the second. Law of similarity, when two similar things provoke recall, the thought of one catapult the recollection of the other. Law of contrast, extremes or contraries aid as cues of each other. When one thinks about the heaviest person they have ever seen, they may also think about the thinnest person they have seen (Pollock, 2000).
Personal Experience of Misguided Perception
Recently, a friend came over to my house to plan a vacation and drop off paperwork. When she arrived, she recognized she left the documents at her house. I said, "That is okay, you can bring them tomorrow." She then responded, "We can do the trip today." I thought to myself, I did not want to go with her on a trip back home to get the paperwork, then come back to my house. Next, I said, "It is okay, we can do it tomorrow." Then, she got this confusing look on her face and said, “We can do the trip today.” I then replied, “That is okay, we can do it tomorrow."

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