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What Is True Love? Essay

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Love; the feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection(Dictionary).
Love is indeed a magical force of attraction that takes time to develop and requires much more than just a strong attraction. Knowing this, love at first sight is simply not possible, and this can be proven by a variety of reasons. For one the demands of a human go beyond the matter of appearance. More importantly it is important to know that the power behind true love takes time to form and is impossible to form within a matter of seconds. Furthermore, love goes beyond feelings and takes in account your willingness to take action. Due to the minimal amount of interaction love at first sight is impossible.
As a result of the effort and time it takes to form true love, love at first sight is simply impossible. Consequently long lasting relationships are formed by couples who have discovered true love. When a person first sees someone, it is impossible to know if that person really fits who she or he is looking for. Yet, when people get to know each other better they begin to value that person for who he or she truly is. This is proven by Helen Fisher, current blogger at Oprah’s website when he states,”Psychologists say that the more you interact with a person you like (even slightly), the more you come to regard him as good-looking, smart, and similar to you—unless you discover something that breaks the spell. So it's wise to hang in for a second meeting. It can take years sometimes for two people to fully appreciate each other”(Fisher). This comes to show that attraction isn’t an element of true love but rather discovering the truth behind the looks of a human been. Love is a magical force that takes time to develop therefore true love isn’t love at first sight.
Love is more than than just the illusion of an ideal human hence love at first sight is impossible. Undoubtedly people form assumptions about people when they first see them. But it is likely that these assumptions are incorrect and often mislead people into confusing infatuation with true love. When people see an attractive person, it is likely that they give them good attributes purely because of thier...

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