What Is Understood By The Term ‘Sub Roman’ Britain?

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The term ‘sub-Roman’ Britain is traditionally the name that refers to the period of British history that loosely charts from the end of Imperial Roman rule in AD 410 to the arrival of Saint Augustine and his Christian missionaries in AD 597. However, the date for the definitive end of the period is arbitrary as sub-Roman culture continued to develop in the country that would subsequently be known as Wales and similarly in the west of England in areas such as Cornwall and Cumbria. The term ‘sub-Roman’ has become synonymous with this period due to the classification of pottery from this era by archaeologists as degenerate forms of Roman craftsmanship. However, To say that sub-Roman Britain was simply Roman Britain in decay is to overlook both its achievements (monasticism, penitentials) and the continuity with its Roman (Latin education, Mediterranean trade) and Celtic (La Tène jewelry, the bardic tradition) past. The Focus of this essay shall be to assess the period to understand and consider the legitimacy of the term “Sub-Roman” Britain.
Several terms to describe Britain in the fifth and sixth centuries have had a popular and reinforced usage throughout the history of scholarship. Apart from being known as objectively as two centuries between the end of Roman Imperial rule and the return of christianity, the period may also be considered a part of the early Middle Ages, if continuity with the following periods is stressed. Popular (and occasionally some academic) works use a range of more dramatic names for the period: the Dark Ages, the Brythonic Age, the Age of Tyrants, or the Age of Arthur. The term “Post-Roman” is emerging as the preferred form of classifying this confusing and enigmatic time as it is more sensitive to the true identity and understanding of Britain in the fifth and sixth centuries. ‘Post-Roman’ mainly deals with non-archaeological contexts that apply to the old Roman province of Britannia, i.e territory south of the Forth-Clyde line that was part of the Roman Empire from AD 43 to 410. It is during this period that the largest Arthurian legends have been attributed and thus mysticism and myth have come to define the time and its culture. ‘Sub-Roman’ has endured as the title of this era due to the limitations of both the historical and archaeological evidence that have made it difficult to discuss any person, place, or event in sub-Roman Britain with confidence. Therefore we are left with cautious and colorless models that admittedly lack the appeal of Arthurian romance. In order to understand the term ‘Sub-Roman’ Britain, however, we must deal with two of the often most difficult types of contextual evidence: literary, and archaeological.
The written sources available for the ‘Sub-Roman’ period are so sparse that the vacuum created by a lack substantial evidence has encouraged this pejorative term to prosper. In comparison to other areas during the same span of time, such as Frankish Gaul or the Byzantine East, Britain is...

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