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What Is Wrong With The Canadian Health Care System?

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Eighteen weeks. According to a CBC news report, eighteen weeks was the average wait time between a patient seeing their family doctor and actually getting treatment or surgery. How much can happen in eighteen weeks? That is four and a half months! How can that possibly be considered efficient? One of the most highly criticized systems in Canada is the public healthcare system. When compared to the United states and Europe, Canada's current system is obviously outdated and in need of change, as the population ages. One of the main obstacles are the continuing budget cuts, resulting in hospital closures and overworked staff.To begin, one should compare Canada's' health system to that of other countries. The Canadian Health System is publicly funded; meaning that anyone can get treatment anywhere in Canada and the government will pay for all necessary expenses. On the other side of the spectrum, the American health system is Private. With good health insurance, an American can get treatment in any hospital and have less worries about paying for treatments, but without insurance, the access to healthcare is very limited and only certain clinics will treat you. Europe is the median, they have a two-tier system where everyone can get access to treatment and the government will pay for the bare necessities, but if a person can afford it, they can pay to be treated at a private hospital, and have a shorter wait time (Canada and the World)One major criticism Canada is faced with when compared to other countries is the use of new drugs and new technology. Canada typically does not use newer drugs or experimental drugs(The Canadian Press) and cannot afford new technology like Europe because there is no source of income; the government pays for everything. In the end, you are sacrificing quality for quantity, in that, everyone can get healthcare, but it may not be with innovative technology.Why should the Canadian Health system change drastically? Really, does it not just need shorter wait times? No, it goes deeper than wait times. As the 'baby boom' population ages, there will be a higher demand in healthcare. The older the population gets, the more health problems, and procedures such as MRI scans will need to be done more often, and right now the wait time for one is about four weeks (The Canadian Press). If technology does not become readily available for use, the wait times will only get longer.In addition, as it stands, Canadians are finding it difficult to find a family doctor, and as the children of the 'Baby Boom' population have families, there is going to be a rise in demand for family doctors. An obstacle families face is that Canada has very strict policies on where doctors can practice. For example, if a doctor receives their degree in Ontario and decides to move to British Columbia, they have to retake exams to be allowed to practice. The policies on foreign doctors are even worse! Most degrees are not accepted in Canada. A solution would be...

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