What Is Your Ethnicity? Essay

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Talk about a label or ethnicity may sound normal for most of the people in the United States. However, in the border, I’ve found many people that talks about ethnicity as it was a depicting way to talk about other people. Nonetheless, as we understood during the first weeks of this course, even though people never think in a label on their person, or have never thought in one, other people might get one for them in a daily basis. No matter where a person is, nor the country a person lives in, that person has a label for others and that person forms part of an ethnic group. In many cases, people’s ethnic identity will depend on the place where they grew up, but some others it simply will depend on their family descent. In my personal case I consider my ethnic identity as a Mexican-American. The reason for this are simple, but has many ramifications, I grew up in Mexico.
Both my mom and my dad were born in Ciudad Juarez; they both grew up there and as a result, they embraced the Mexican culture. I was born in Roswell, New Mexico. We lived there for about two years, but my parent decided to return to Juarez. If we think about it, this probably was the beginning of my ethnic identity. While I grew up, I attended school in Juarez, and as any person that had the chance to attend school might understand, education is a powerful tool that shape people through the years. Though I was legally American, my parents taught me to talk in Spanish, have respect for the Mexican flag, the anthem and the different ceremonies, in addition of the Mexican holidays.
Through the past of the time I embraced Mexican history, and understood the life style in Mexico. In my opinion, people often identify themselves to a specific ethnicity when they fully understand and live the issues, the life style, and share with other people around them, within their environment. The difficult part is when a person gets to define his or her ethnicity. In this case, Mexican-American, to me, means that person who is legally a U.S. Citizen, and has Mexican descent. This descent can come from the person’s parents or by the person’s attachment to the Mexican culture. Some definitions may say that a Mexican-American is, only, a person of Mexican descent living in the United States. However, in my case, I don’t live in the United States, but I still consider myself a Mexican-American because I speak...

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