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What Is Your Idea Of Truly "Fair" Grading? Very Short Essay Concerning College Grades.

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A few terms ago, I was in a course with an unnamedinstructor, when he informed our entire class that mostinstructors at xxx are very lax when grading. He said, andthis is a true story, that if the students deserve a "C,"they are given a "B," if the student deserves a "B," theyare given an "A." His casual remark made me sick. I stilldon't know if he was being candid or crazy. He didsometimes act a little off. Regardless, I've haven't seenthis instructor around the campus for some time. But hiscomments caused me to think over the different aspectsof "fair" grading.The coolest instructor I've had at xxx is an art teacher.Her idea is that the student is allowed to work at her orhis own pace and as long as the student submits somethingin the direction (judged at her discretion), of theassignment, she will overlook "late" grade markdowns andall will be well. But I should add, that the student whohas the delayed work feels really awful that their projectis so undone during presentations, which is very importantin her class, so much that the students are graded onpresentation of their projects. This instructor alsobecomes increasingly demanding as the students progressthrough her courses of study.After all, writing is a true art.It is actually hilarious to think of "fair" grading in aweb class. There must truly be fifty ways to cheat in a webclass! Students can manage various ways of cheating onquizzes and all they really need is a credit card to buy areport. They are very convenient, too! The online webselling sites are practically next door to the web...

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