What It Means To Be A Black Man

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Being a black man in America requires you to take on cringing responsibilities in the midst of society’s hate and discrimination rather you wish to or not. They cram us into a box and engrave their definition of black men in the center of our foreheads, it says: “Thug” or in other words “a polite way of saying the ‘N’ word” as Super Bowl XLVIII MVP, Richard Sherman would say. We are all stereotyped and packaged into this disgustful class, a class that harnesses invisible chains around our ankles to replace the real ones from the early and middle nineteen hundreds. Society, who seems to be "out to get us" has permanently branded us. I'm mean, the majority will take photos caressing fully ...view middle of the document...

Being educated about our history is something no one can confiscate from us, and being aware of the fact that before we were athletes, celebrities and superstars we were farmers and slaves. As black men we are inventors, and believe it or not, we have influenced much of our population in varies ways, ranging from rap music to the way most of us talk. Although we've influenced most, we didn't do it alone, this wouldn't be possible if the ones that are holding us up and gave up their lives to supply our generation with opportunity. Our cultural roots have truly strengthened us.
Being a black man means to be strong in multiple forms. My grandpa once told me; "God specifically characterized black men as being strong." Since we are considered to strong, we cherish that because it's one of the few positive traits society gives us props for. In America, a single parent home (usually aimed towards black men/women) is known as a "broken home" but from our perspective that's strong and independent parent. Not only are we physically strong, we are strong in SO many more aspects than that.
And for the love of God, Being a black male does NOT mean being a “thug" we just just crave difference. However, We can't even do that without getting criticized in public, we usually try to avoid altercations and stay to ourselves. The...

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