What It's Really Like To Be A Freshman. The Essay Is About Being A Freshman From A Freshmans Point Of View (That It's Hard) Some Dates Will Need To Be Changed In Order To Update It!

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I remember orientation day. Tan bodies, from the summer sun, piled into the bleachers. Everyone had changed. Their appearance, personality, no one was the same. I remember sitting on the cold wooden bleachers and staring down at the cheerleaders and the band who were placed in the middle of the gymnasium. The only thing missing was cowbells from our necks. We were herded like cattle, by our superiors, and branded with nametags so everyone new who we were. We were split up into groups and were showed what barns we were to learn in. I remember the cheerleaders who wanted us to get involved and have some school spirit. I remember them being like farmers, yelling at us to stand up every five minutes and moo out the school song.The thought of being a freshman wasn't really that exciting to me.It's not deadly but your practically standing on the edge of a cliff in the social class part. Freshmen are the lowest of all classes, sometimes referred to as the "Lower side of the L". The only good thing about being a freshman is that you gain some freedom. Freedom from middle school. At high school, you aren't thought of as a fire hazard for standing up or being in the hallway as you are in middle school.You get off the bus every morning, and open the doors to what most freshmen call their worst nightmare. Parents think they are doing the right thing and getting you a good education, but parents don't have a clue what its' like to be a freshmen, or to even be in school in this day of age! I mean it's 2003 here, not 1634! You feel trapped until the bell rings at exactly 2:25 p.m. On some days, time moves quite fast on others, it moves as slow as a snail. It almost seems to drag the life right out of you, as if someone was stealing...

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